Friday, June 15, 2007

A Wonderful Visit with a Friend

Once I learned that Sharon and I would be in the C area for her to conduct exams I knew I'd have to get in touch with my dear friend Della. Della and I went to Bible School together and had rooms next to one another. I don't really remember when we met at just seems like we were always friends.

You may remember the BEAUTIFUL bootie collection that Della made for Hannah. Here's a reminder:

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(If the slide show doesn't work please click here. You won't be disappointed!) Thank you again Della for this gift! I can't wait for the day when Hannah wears the beautiful booties you so carefully made for her.

Tuesday morning Della and I got together for a wonderful visit...and ice cream! Walking down memory lane and catching up on the latest and greatest in each other's lives. The morning absolutely flew by and before we knew it it was time to part ways so that she could head off to work. It came and went all too quickly but i am so thankful for the visit we shared together.

Della, I am so very thankful for the wonderful friendship we share. We may not see each other often but when we do it's always a great time! Love ya friend!!


  1. Looks like you're having an awesome summer so far. Lots of traveling. You are definitely not wasting this "wait" by sitting around on your bum! Can't wait to see you in July.

  2. BUSY girl!!! I've sure been missing you around here!!!!

    I'm soooo glad you and Sharon are having another wonderful week together!! What an awesome friendship after all these years!!

    Bless you!! Safe travels!

  3. What a wonderful time!! Those ice cream cones are fantastic!

    I am so glad you are enjoying your trip!

  4. Good for you living it up!

    I just gained 5# looking at that ice cream!!!

  5. What a great friend ..I went to the slide what cute bbties!

  6. Katherine, you win the prize for getting around girl!!!!



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