Friday, June 22, 2007

CCAA Website Update June 21, 2007

YEAH!!! Celebrating today with Dawn and Stacy as last night their files marched out of the CCAA Review Room and joined Hannah's file in the Matching Room! Yeah, Yippee, 3 Cheers!!! Getting out of the Review Room is HUGE! CONGRATULATIONS friends!!

On a somewhat similar note, Rebecca helped me update my version of the Carmody Calendar when she was here earlier this week. Karen and her family created a fun calendar when they were waiting for Samara's referral and I've made a similar one to wait for Hannah.

Each square of the calendar represents 1 day of files that CCAA needs to match with families before they reach my date of March 23, 2006. Currently they have matched to November 7, 2005 so Rebecca put stickers on the latest referral dates.

A quick glance at the calendar gives you an idea of the slow pace that things are moving. This calendar started with the month of August 2005 and goes through to March 2006 which is where my LID is. The 3 months plus 7 days of stickers you see here represents the last 10 months of referrals! Yes, it has taken 10 months (September 2006 through June 2007) for August, September, October and the first 7 days of November 2005 to receive their referrals! UGH!! You can quickly tell why I'm cautious about guessing what month I'll receive Hannah's referral. Still holding out for a 2008 referral but at this point that's about as 'exact' as I'm going to guess it!

Oh well, tomorrow is another big day and I'll be back to celebrate it with you!


  1. That is wonderful official news!

    Keep smilin!

  2. What a cute little helper you have there!

    Today I am not going to worry about how long it is going to take. I am going to celebrate being OUT! :)

  3. Finally! How long was April in review? Ugh...and I wasn't even in review, but was still wanting it to move on!

    Yeah...the calendar has slowed down a bit, that's for sure...but plenty of time to buy more stickers! (Looking for a bright spot!)

  4. Thanks for rooting me through the review room Catherine...AND for giving us the call last night to announce the big news to us!!!!

    I love your Carmody Calendar!!! I bet Rebekka loves seeing the "end of the line" too....even if it does seem like it's forever away!! I find our boys checking the squares out every so often too...or sharing with a friend they have over that "when we get to THIS day...we will get our baby sister's pictures!!!" That's about all they understand about it at this point I think!!!

    Bless you friend!!!

    Love Dawn

  5. Definately a sweet little helper you have!

  6. Hey that Carmody Calendar thing is really starting to catch on . . . I had no idea you had one. I love it that you call it the Carmody Calender. We're honoured that your referral day is being counted down in such a way - that's great. Here's to more stickers on that Carmody Calendar!!!


  7. That is wonderful that you have that calendar!! Its such a great idea especially having Rebekka in on the FUN!! Not too many days left between you and Hannah.....I cant wait!!! I'm doing a calendar like that, but mine will be for Hunter to sticker the days away while we are in China!!


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