Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More Beautiful than Roses!

This afternoon I received a call at work from my younger brother. He, my mom and adorable 3yo nephew Noah were down in the atrium waiting for me. When I walked around the corner from the security desk Noah met me with a huge grin and said, 'Happy Birthday Auntie Cathy!' It was just too cute! He had this beautiful vase of hand selected 'flowers' just for me!

When my brother picked him up for his visit today and said that they were going to get flowers, Dave mentioned going to a flower store. Noah was quick to jump in with, 'Why go to a flower store? Look at all the beautiful flowers growing right here beside the road?' So they stopped the car and picked this beautiful birthday bouquet. When Noah (picture from last summer as I didn't have my camera with me today - love this pic!) gave the flowers to me he even showed me how he had carefully walked around and chosen just the perfect flowers. His personal favourite is the dandelion! Mine...the daisies.

It tell you, these two wonderful guys could have arrived with a dozen long stemmed roses and they wouldn't have meant as much to me as this bouquet of love! Thanks Dave and Noah! I love you too!


  1. How incredibly sweet is that??? So innnocent and so wondrful, Catherine. :)

  2. In my humble opinion the daisy is the best flower, but to have been hand picked by such a handsome young man ~ well that is priceless. :)

  3. What a sweet little guy. He already knows that the value of a gift is not in the cost but in the thought.

    Keep smilin!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday my friend. Sorry I missed it. I hope you had a great day - you deserve it!



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