Monday, June 18, 2007

More Vacation Odds and Sods

We have moved on to the final destination of our travels and will be heading home tomorrow afternoon. Yesterday was Sharon's one and only day off in a 14 day trek. Phew....she'd earned a well-deserved day off! Unfortunately when we first woke up the sun was not shining. Ugh! 14 days of sun and Thankfully it showed up mid-morning and we took full advantage of it.

After vising a wonderful little church in town for morning service, we picked up McDonald's and headed poolside. Ahhhh...

A quick interuption in the afternoon to switch rooms (you can see we don't travel light!) to one with 2 beds (I'm a restless sleeper) and we were back to the pool. (Pictures were not taken on purpose!) Part way through the afternoon we decided the outdoor pool looked pretty inviting. It was ch-ch-chilly but we headed in anyway! Brrrr... After a couple of minutes we were numb to the cold and breathing had returned to normal and we hung out in the pool chatting for about 20 mins. At this point the man from the front desk came out to the pool enclosure. Guess what....we got kicked out of the pool! :o) Too funny! He said tat they'd only filled the pool and added chemicals the day before and since it hadn't been inspected by the Health Dept. we shouldn't be swimming in it yet. Oops! One more story for our travel memoires! (Guess we earned ourselves a reputation as when I went to return the towels to the front desk a new lady was there and she smiled and said, ''re the onese who were in the pool!' I responded 'Yup...can you tell by my green hair?' LOL!)

Deciding it was best to get rid of the chemicals we moved from the 70o outdoor pool into the 85o indoor pool! From ice to a bathtub. Mmmmm... Swam for a bit, sat outside and read for a while then decided we'd probably had enough sun for the day. Let's just say we're both really glad we came in when we did!

Supper was at a local fish and chip store and then back to church for their evening service. The had visiting missionaries who work at an orphanage in Acapulco, Mexico so that caught my attention. It was interesting and makes me very, very thankful for the ratio of caregivers to children in China!

I tried to catch one of PE's infamous sunsets over Lake Huron last night but missed it by minutes. I'll try again tonight.

After dropping Sharon off at work today I headed down to the beach to enjoy some of the beauty here. Very pretty! It's the first time I've every seen Lake Huron and it's huge! Here's my attempt at a 'self portrait.'

This final pic is just a silly one of my toes in the sand. It's pics like these that get us through the long, long winters. Yes...summer will arrive again. Ah, the feeling of sand between my toes. Love it!

Time to scoot. Off to meet Tracey and Papaya for lunch! We haven't met before but I know we'll have a great time together!

Will post more later....


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! You are rockin' that pedi.

    The beach pics make me yearn for vacation time...sigh!

    Have a great day!

    Keep smilin!

  2. Why am I not shocked that in your 'self-portrait' you're holding an iced cap? You can take the girl out of Tim Horton's, but you can't take the Tim Horton's out of the girl... ;)

  3. I love to travel..SOunds like you had a good time

  4. I can't believe you guys got kicked out of the pool! You rebel you. ;-)

    Love the sandy toes pic.

  5. Looks like fun! I love the sand in the toes pic too! Ah....summer time!

  6. Getting kicked out of the pool...

    Good luck on the sunset tonight!

    Safe journey home.

  7. Oh my gosh... looks SO relaxing! Glad you had so much fun- and wow, a swing set in the sand by the water, how cool is that?

    Pretty funny getting kicked out of the pool after you acclimated (at last) to the chill!

  8. Cute tootsie!

    Hey, you have got to be the go-to gal on evaluating luggage as much as you get around.

    Keep having fun!


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