Friday, June 15, 2007

Assorted Vacation Pics

We're not far from home this time but it's still neat to see new places in my beautiful province. Nestled along the shores of Georgian Bay are some beautiful little towns. These are the places that we've spent the past few days.

This afternoon when I picked Sharon up at work I decided to have fun and park her car in the spot marked as reserved for the Music Director! Oh life dangerously in OS!

Wednesday we moved between towns which gave Sharon a rare few hours off. The weather has been beautiful so we took advantage of it and sat outside for a few minutes. It was pretty toasty though so we didn't stay out long and did what any wise woman would do with time on her hands. Shopped!

While visiting a little candy store in C I found these little treats for my friends Kathy and Joel. Hopefully new flavours or flavours they don't get to try often. My bloggy friends are always close to my heart regardless of where I am. You guys are an awesome bunch of people and I'm so thankful for you.

Tomorrow we move to PE and on Monday I'll be having lunch with Tracey and her daughter. Looking forward to meeting another bloggy friend!

Not sure if we'll have Internet access in PE or not so if the bloglines and emails are quiet for a few days it's just because I'll be living in the dark ages for a few days. ;o) Heading home Tuesday after another great vacation with a friend. (Sharon always laughs when I say this because she works 6 days a week while I'm on vacation. Somehow it's not a vacation for her!)


  1. You lost me at "Candy Store"!!!!! Those look delicious! You are so thoughtful, Catherine.:)

  2. Fun, great weather, and shopping!! That is a PERFECT get-a-way week!

  3. I can't believe you can have all this fun after being such a parking renegade. Such a rebel ;0)

  4. Sounds like a good time! Say hi to Tracey!

  5. Is the car in the picture, (the VIBE) your's? I was looking for someone that has one. We are considering the Vibe as our next car but I would love to hear from some people that already own one.

    Smiles! :o)

  6. Hi Nikki - If you read this, please email me. Not too sure how to contact you.

    The VIBE is my friend's but I know lots about it. Above all, she loves it and I've driven it a lot and really like it too. If I were looking for another car right now I would seriously consider the Vibe.

    Hope this helps.


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