Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Beautiful Blessings for Hannah

Wanted to share more of the blessings that have been so carefully and beautifully created for Hannah's Blessings Book. Each one a gift of love!

This first blessing was sent by my friend Lee-Anne in Australia! G'day Lee-Anne! I love that she included a picture of her beautiful family. Her LID is one month + 1 day ahead of me so she will be traveling a month or 2 before me to meet her precious daughter. Thank you Lee-Anne!

This next blessing was made by my wonderful 'Motor City Mama Meet-up' friend Krista! She gave it to me at our meet-up in November but sadly it's taken me this long to catch up on my blessings book posts. (Really need to stay on top of these! Between Hannah's Blessings book, friends with 100 Good Wishes Quilts, Tag Toys, and Tracking Referral Stats I'm quickly mastering the art of spreadsheet organization 101! Too bad my posting organizational skills aren't as current.) Anyway, Thank you Krista for this beautiful blessing! I absolutely love the fabric you've chosen for Mia's room and the fact that you used some for Hannah's blessing makes this extra special.

This precious blessing is from Norma who is a fellow Canadian gal who's dossier was recently sent to China. Congratulations Norma and thank you for the beautiful blessing!

These last 2 pages were made by fellow adoptive Mom Trish. She and I had the great privilege of meeting in person in December and she gave me these blessings at that time. Thank you Trish! I look forward to getting together again.


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