Sunday, February 25, 2007

Canada's Newest National Holiday?

Canadians have long said that we need a National Holiday between New Year's Day and Easter. In years like 2007 it's a long 3+ month wait for a holiday. Many have had great suggestions. What about a flag day? February 15th is the day the Canadian's were introduced to our beautiful flag. Sounds like a great day for a holiday! Is it a holiday? No.

Second great idea: Family Day! Saskatchewan and Alberta recognize the third Monday of February as 'Family Day!' A day intended to celebrate families. What a great idea! Is it a holiday for the rest of Canada? No.

I have now come up with a solution as to what our new national holiday should be since neither of the above very worthy causes have seemed important enough to deem them as national holidays. When would this holiday fall? TOMORROW! More importantly, what monumental achievement is being celebrated tomorrow?

Tomorrow is the first day of Rrroll Up the Rim to Win!! Wahoo! What's more Canadian than Tim Horton's I ask you? When you think of returning home from a trip abroad, what is one thing many of us think about? Our first trip to Tim Horton's! Many I dare say don't even exit the airport before indulging in their first cup 'o Timmy's coffee!

Knowing that this very important day was coming up, it was the talk of the office on Friday! In preparation for the many (extra) trips we'll be taking across the street over the next 6 weeks (give or take a few), people could be seen stretching at their desks, polishing their running shoes and most importantly, practicing their rrroll up techniques (on just regular ole Timmy's cups!) Here Randy demonstrates the 'squeeze and roll' technique which works well for him. I often forget about this tried and true method and use the (don't tell my mom) rrroll up with the teeth technique. (Not recommended by the Canadian Dental Association...or moms!)

So tomorrow is a proud day in Canada. It's a day when once again we stand in unbelievably long lines to indulge in a Canadian tradition....Rrroll Up the Rim to Win! Good Luck everyone! Sadly I'm only hoping to improve on my embarassing 4/91 record from last year. LOL! (Yes sadly 4/91 means I won only 4 measly cups of coffee or cookies from the 91 cups of coffee/tea/hot chocolate I boughght during last year's contest. Yes, I have a problem! :o)

So raise a cup of coffee with me and proudly say, 'I am Canadian....let's Rrroll up the Rim!'


  1. I remember you talking about this in Detroit. I can't remember the purpose for rolling the rim, though. What is 4/91?

    Happy Roll the Rim! (What ever it may be!) :)

  2. Happy TIMMY DAY!

    You are so funny, love the picture of the guy at your work demonstrating!

  3. I was just wondering the other day when that was going to start up again...I should have known to come here and check. :P

    Hope you have better results this time around!

  4. Holy moly - I've known you too long. I remember that post!!!

    I had never heard of Tim Horton until you. I just wanted to know if he was cute ;0)

  5. Would you believe born and bred in Canada and I've never had a Tim's coffee??lol Good luck to you!



    Saint John,NB

  7. That is too funny!! I know when it is RRRRRoll up the rim, I tend to go to Tim's more then I normally do!

    I do have a reason for you poor odds...way back when when there were about 1/2 the number of locations that there are now, there were the same number of prizes as now, but the number of 'try again' cups has increased and the prizes have not!!

    Good luck to you!!

  8. I'm with Connie! I remember you posting your stats last year for roll up the rim!!!

    I LOVE that I've known you for that long already!!!!

    Win the BIG ONE for me since we have no Timmies here!!! (Another reason to move!!!) lol

  9. TEE HEE! Good idea, Catherine! Or we could have, "Bucky the Beaver Day", or "Snow, Snow, Will it EVER be Summer Day", or "Bring your Favourite Toque to Work Day", or......sorry.

  10. LOL!!! I love reading about other countries (whacky) holidays etc!!! 91... thats alotta coffee!!!

    Although, I drink about 4-6 cups - A DAY!!! Don't buy them all though!

  11. I definitely vote for family day here in central Canada!!!
    That Tim's line is CRAZY!!! Though I'm not a coffee drinker, so I guess I just don't know what the fuss is all about (but I might line up for one of their chocolate chip cookies!)

  12. I vote for a Timmy Holiday!

    "It's the most wonderful time of the year!"

    Keep smilin!

  13. Oh I love that idea. I just realized I don't get out enough lately - I had no idea roll up the rim started today. What a pleasant surprise. Do you know how much we craved Tim Horton's in China? Starbucks is everywhere but it just isn't the same. So here's to rrrrroll up the rim . . . bottoms up girlfriend!


  14. Where do we sign the petition to make it an offical holiday? When we went to China in 1998 my husband actually took a tin of Tims coffee with us and a small travel coffee maker. Now that's Canadain for you!


  15. Hey....I must say we celebrated our first FAMILY DAY lastweek and it felt so good!! I sure hope it makes its way to you next year!!
    Ha, I remember your post on the Tim's lineup!! I got a Tim Horton's coffee maker for Xmas....tastes good but I will miss the ROLL UP TO WIN cups daily!!! GOOD LUCK and hope your win lots!!

  16. He he I was thinking of you today when I went through the drive thru!
    Happy roll up the win day Cathrine.
    Enjoy the season!

  17. As a teacher who actually has a Flag Day Celebration every year in my class I have to vote for February 15th!...besides, I gave up Tim Horton's for Lent!!

  18. Uh oh, I just realized I forgot to roll up my rim today! Guess I best be diggin through the garbage when I get to work tomorrow and get rollin'!


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