Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oh So Close!!!

Almost made it! CCAA updated their information box tonight. It was a nice surprise as they've said it will be removed from their site so we're never sure if it will be updated again. The last time the Review Room information was updated was November 3rd so it was great to see it change.

Sadly I missed the cutoff by 1 day. Oh well, better missing getting out of the Review Room by 1 day than missing referral cutoffs by 1 day. The cutoff dates for the review room has not been linked with where referrals have cut off in the past so I'm not concerned that this will happen to mine.

What does this mean for me? My file is currently in the hands of a China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) official who is going through each and every piece of information contained in it with a fine toothed comb. I'm not concerned. This portion of the adoption process is in God's hands too just like the rest of it. He's overseeing the entire process. Actually, it's kinda exciting to think that after 10 months of sitting on a shelf my little file is being dusted off, opened and soon I will be one step closer to sweet Hannah! After the Referral room it's onto the Matching Room (to wait yet again)! Yippee!!!

But, If ya think of it, can ya say a little prayer? I'd be lying if I didn't say missing the cutoff by 1 day has been a hard pill to swallow tonight. For the longest time the cutoffs have been at the end of a month so it was a shock to the system to see March 22nd as the date. Kinda feels like this 'stroller coaster' just took a dip that neither my head nor stomach were prepared for. Doing fine...just a little sad tonight. Thanks friends!

PS - I'm still believing in a December 2007 referral. That hope hasn't changed one bit by tonight's news!


  1. I think you are right on track with December - by my very scientific calculations - HA!

    I still think it will be 2007!!

  2. Hoping that Hannah is with you by the end of 2007:)

  3. Hang on'll be on the next hill of that coaster and we're all still riding along with you :0)

  4. Ohh girl!! I bet your already through review...and December would be a great Xmas gift for you!! I sure hope that we are worng and you have a Thanksgiving fingers are crossed for you!!

  5. Some things in Life are worth waiting for...even if it means waiting FOREVER!!!
    When you first hold Hannah in your will know why you had to wait so long.

  6. I'm sorry that you missed it by one day, Catherine.You have such a sweet attitude about it! It's all worth it, hang in there! I'll DEFINITELY say a prayer for you!

  7. Oh man!!! I just saw the update on your blog first this evening!!

    I'm happy to see they changed the review room date but sad to hear you missed it by one day!! (I bet it was God so that we can both pass through together...just like we're hoping to get refferrals together!!!)

    Bless you!!


  8. Hang in there! My file should be in that stack below yours! I'll just be so glad to know it's out of the review room. I thought it was weird that it only went throught the 22nd also.

  9. AHHHHHHH! I feel bad I was wondering if I'd come across antone who just missed out and hoped I wouldn't. I can understand how you must be feeling , but one thing is a for sure and that is that you will be out in 28 days.
    Thinking of you in ours prayers today. :.o)
    ((( BIG HUG )))

  10. A big hug for you Catherine. I thought of you immediately when I saw the site, I went straight to your site to confirm your LID. And then I felt a heavy heart. But like you said, it has nothing to do with the referrals---and those are coming this year for sure!!!

    There is Nothing Like a Dream

  11. I'm sorry you missed it by one day, but at least you KNOW that your file is sitting on someone's desk right now.

    Ours is probably propping up a desk. ;)

  12. You are so amazing! Here I am wallowing and you are so positive. It is hard but I hope that your time frame holds true. Having a hard time holding onto mine.

    Keep smilin!

  13. A bit of selfishness on my part, but it is nice to think that we are in the review room together!

    Sorry you missed the cut off by one day, though . I hope you travel in November - then we will be December!!! :)



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