Monday, February 12, 2007

Oooo...Got Me!

OK. I must confess. As I've read person after person saying that they we're 'forced' into using the new blogger I gloated (just a little) in the safety of my 'old world' until moments ago when I too was forced to switch over. OK - not gloating any more. Eating humble pie with my friends.

We'll see how it goes. Most of you have had fairly smooth transitions so I'm hoping for the same. I'll let ya know if it gives me any grief.'ll hear me whining.


  1. Welcome to the "dark side"!!! lol

    Actually I too have had no probs so far!!

    It actually loads quicker for me and I haven't had one issue loading pics yet!! (where's the wood???!!)

  2. Had to get ya sooner or later ;0)

    It's going just fine for me. I think now that it is out of beta the problems aren't nearly so rampant.


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