Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Off to a Good Start!

Yes...it's a slow time in my blogging land so I give you, 'Rrroll Up the Rim' Update #1. It's gotta be slow if all I've had to blog about in 3 days is a silly contest!

Anyway, let's just say we're off to a much faster and more encouraging start this year having won a coffee after only 4 purchases. Wahoo! I purchased over 20 last year before the first big win so finding a winning cup on Day 2 was fun! Norma has also won and here is Randy proudly displaying his 2 winning cups that he got today! (I'm thinking he wishes I didn't carry my camera everywhere and not keep asking him to pose with his Timmy's cups!) He won a coffee in the morning and then a donut when he used the tab to get a free Mochachino.....which sounds much more intersting then plain old coffee. Think I'll treat myself to one of those some afternoon with my winning tab.

Current stats 1/4. Yeah!

Now...out to hynt for some more intersting ideas for this blog before all of you revolt out of sheer boredom!


  1. Sending good vibes for another winning cup!

    You need to put a score board up in your sidebar so we can keep track with you.

  2. He He, I will not get bored of your Roll up the Rim posts. So keep us up on your stats at least OK? LOL I won a coffee on the third one.
    I decided that I can't roll up the rim till the cup is empty, if I do it seems the coffee loses it's flavor if I get "Play Again"!

  3. Good stuff! They opened a Tims across the street so I forsee a few visits!

    You are never boring!

    Keep smilin!

  4. Ha ha! I love it - except you're making me crave one!


  5. HEy, I only visit Timmy's ONCE a month, and I won on Monday night! It wasn't the car, though, which I was hoping for....:-)


  6. Congrats on the win...I am 0/1...don't get there too often...

    I will read no matter what you post about.

  7. Hey do you guys ever work?! LOL! Probably not...you're likely visiting the little girl's room after drinking all of that coffee!

  8. Good job!! I miss playing that daily. You must try a Mocachino....very good with whip cream!! But you can feel the POUNDS coming on when you drink em'!!!


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