Thursday, February 22, 2007

Yeah!! They Found It!

This is the adorable picture I was looking for at Target. Love it! I found it in Washington when Dawn and I were there in January but decided not to pick it up due to the size (2 ½’ x 3 ½ ’). Flying home with something that size would have been a challenge on our full flight.

Soon after leaving the US I realized I should have bought the picture. You know when you remember every detail of something and will be looking for an exact replicate of it? That’s what this picture was to me. Oh well, I knew I had another opportunity in front of me. The following weekend I visited with Julie and Tess and we looked for it. (I figured if I found it I could bubble wrap it, check it as a fragile item and hope for the best!) But, nada…couldn’t find it.

When I got home I placed a SOS call to my parents who were driving back from Florida and would be in the states for another 2 days. I explained the picture’s many details (ladybug, daisies, colours, size, price) to my Mom and she wrote them down as they drove home. The really cool thing is that just 2 hwy exits after we hung up the phone they spotted a Target just off the highway. Off they hopped (thanks dad!), made their way into the store and would you believe this was the last one they had in stock? I love it when that happens! Mom pulled out my description and sure enough they knew they’d found the picture. Yeah!!!

Another bonus, Mom was looking for a ‘little treat’ to bring me home so she and dad bought this pic for Hannah’s nursery! (Shhhh….don’t think dad knows that yet! ;o) Wow!! Now that’s some treat!

Thanks Mom and Dad!!! Glad you had a great trip…and thanks for the picture!


  1. Ooooo I love it!!! I've done that so many times before, seen something, and not picked it up - and regretted it later! The big tip (apparently) for China is - see it, like it? BUY IT!!! I have no problem with that!!!

  2. I absolutely love that picture. I know how that is when you see something and can't stop thinking about it. I am so glad that you found it.

    I am going to pass the letter 'F' to you. Have fun!

  3. Great picture!!

    I'm so glad that it worked out for you - it's all in the timing!!

  4. it gorgeous:)
    So happy to read the post about your friends baby, glad they are all doing fine.

  5. That looks just like you...and, in turn, Ms. Hannah! I'm so glad they found it for you.

  6. I saw that "ahhh" on your face when we first saw it in the States!!

    Soooo glad you now own it for Hannah's room!!!

    It's Annaliese's colors as well!! Maybe they need matching pics too!!! ;)

    Love ya!

  7. So adorable! What a find and a super gift.

    Keep smilin!


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