Thursday, February 01, 2007

God's Blessings Abound in the China Adoption World!!

There is so much wonderful news today that it's hard to know where to start!

OK - Let's start with friends in China who met their babies today! 2 of my local blogging buddies met their precious baby girls earlier today! Debbie and Kirk now have the adorable Miss Olivia in their arms! Look at those kissable pink cheeks!

And, the Carmody family are now holding beautiful Miss Samara in their arms and close to their hearts! Oh, is she cute!! Check out the beautiful smile she has already blessed her Daddy with! Praising God for the way He has brought these babies and their families together!

Another reason to celebrate today is that the stork has arrived safely from China once again and February Referrals are being announced! It's easy to tell when it's referral time because the Rumor Queen's site is busy, busy! One time when I checked in today their were 347 other people visiting her site at the same time! In the China adoption world, the Rumor Queen's site is the hot spot for the latest and greatest information available! I'll admit to being scared off by the title when I first heard of the site but after following it (read: stalking it mulitiple times daily) for a while now I've found her to provide accurate and informative rumors and facts. It's weird to say that a rumor can be accurate but I find hers to be exactly that. I am so thankful for her site and very excited for she and her husband (whoever they are as we don't really know!) because they are anticipating receiving their referral today! Each hour more and more families are hearing about their babies and catching a glimpse of their beautiful children for the very first time! The Rumor Queen has an up to date listing of families that have just received their referrals so if you want to take time to oooo and ahhhh over some adorable little ones, take a gander at her site.

The final reason for this celebration post today is that this group of referrals covered 16 days of log in dates (LID's) and that is very important in my personal timeline! Any of you who know me or have been visiting here for long know that I tend to calculate the numbers carefully and cautiously predict my referral month. Just ask my friend Dawn. She hit my personality on the head with her 'Dog or Pig' post on Wednesday. :o)

So, doing my calculations once again today I am beginning to believe in my heart for the very first time that I could receive Hannah's referral this year...this year...THIS YEAR!!! Not next year. Not in 2008 but my heart is finally beginning to believe that it could be this December!!! Can you imagine what a Christmas gift that would be??? It feels like forever to me (any probably many of you too) that I've been saying, 'Oh...about a year from now.' Well guess what friends?! I believe I may receive Hannah's referral this about 10 months! Wahoo!!!

Now, don't think this conservative girl has gone all wacko on you and isn't staying cautiously optimistic. Nope, I know it could still happen early in 2008 and I'm just fine with that too. But for today I'm allowing my heart to open to the possibility of seeing sweet Hannah's face before we ring in 2008 and oh baby does it feel AMAZING!!!


  1. I had been stalking Debbie & Karen's sites all day looking for pictures!!

    I REALLY hope that you DO get your referral THIS YEAR!! Wouldn't that be FANTASTIC!!

    I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. My sweet, I hope your words ring true and 2007 is our year. I wish that for you and me!

    Keep smilin!

  3. Good news all around. I've been out of the loop lately and am glad to hear it.

    I'm frustrated that I cannot get Dawn's blog to show in my bloglines to save my life. I never remember to check otherwise. Grrr! I'll have to get that one figured out.

  4. WOW!! Am I actually hearing you correctly??!?! Are you predicting a month??!!

    I love your prediction by the way!! I secretly hope you are home before December though!!!

    Love ya!!


    PS C.J it's because I can't figure out how to work bloglines and what I have to check off on my blog in order for you to access it!! Wanna teach me???

  5. A Christmas baby would be wonderful! I'm hoping that you will see beautiful Hannah's face by the end of 2007!


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