Wednesday, February 28, 2007

OK - The Curiosity is Getting To Me

This may seem like a silly thing but thought I'd try anyway. On almost every post I receive an anonymous comment from 'Janet.' My problem is I know a few people named Janet so am not too sure who you might be. I'd love to know who you are as you visit often and leave comments.

Enquiring (read: nosey) minds want to know so I thought I'd come out and ask.

Feel free to email me if you prefer! Looking forward to solving the mystery!


  1. I'm not Janet, but I love to read your blog...and wait with you.

    Terrye in Fl

  2. I'd love to know who Janet is also. She comments often on my blog but has no blog (that I know of) for me to go to.

    Come on Janet... let us know who you are !

  3. I'm not Janet either, but also follow your blog while I wait for my Ava.

  4. I believe it is Janet from Tuininga Treasures.

    Keep smilin!

  5. would be Janet from Alberta! Now with the new blogger I find people (including myself) lazy to sign in all the time.......its such a pain!!!
    Hey...thanks for the e-card yesterday!!! Very sweet and you did thank me already!!

  6. Janet from Alberta was my guess as well and is whom I've assumed it was for ever now!!

    You had me thinking for a minute that maybe I "assumed" wrong!! lol

  7. I was going to say Janet from Tuininga Treasures as well. :) Her blog is terribly funny! :)

  8. I always assumed it was Janet from Tuininga Treasures too. you have me wondering?

  9. Um.....guilty as charged! As Kim mentioned, I am usually too lazy to sign into blogger, so I just sign it anonymous....apparently this is not a good idea. I'm really sorry, Catherine, I thought you knew it was me. Awfully vain of me, isn't it? Sorry about that! Yep, it's me, Janet, from TUininga Treasures. Rightfully condemned. Hoping to be forgiven.....:-)

  10. Ah condemnation here...just curiosity! I thought it was you but then wondered if it was another friend who is also named Janet.

    Glad to have you aboard! You're welcome any time! :o)


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