Thursday, February 15, 2007

Coming Soon to a Sidebar Near You...

...Referral Statistics!

I'm experimenting with saving a document into a format that can be easily viewed online. I am often asked for the referral stats document that I keep current so thought I'd add it to my sidebar and allow you to view the information too.

Here's the current version that tracks referral stats for the past year.

PS - If it's a little blurry when you first pull it up, hover your mouse around the bottom right of the screen and a box should pop up that allows you to increase the size and see it clearer. Anyone know how I can just have it pull up in the large size so that it's clear right from the beginning?


  1. Ya might wanna plop the serenity prayer across the top of that chart ;0)

  2. Thank goodness that you have friend the statiscian!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Keep smilin!

  3. Man, you must be a "numbers person". I honestly keep no track of anything that involves numbers. numbers and I don't get along.....never have....never will.

    (except for maybe "Numbers" in the Bible....:-)


  4. Very cool! This will be a handy chart to look at.

  5. I double clicked on the chart and it was clear.


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