Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Thank You!!

Thank you everyone for your kind words.

I understand that everyone has an opinion and in no way do I believe every person (or any person) who reads my blog completely agrees with what I say or how I handle different situations.  My problem with the initial comment was the hurtful words that the person chose to express their opinion.  That was the part I had problems with.

In turn, what was a comment that almost caused me to click 'Delete' became an opportunity for many to share their thoughts (both those who agree with me and those who do not) in a very caring way.  My blog is one of love and caring and I thank all of you who took time to express your comments in a caring way too.

The other really neat thing is the way that God has changed my heart towards this person.  I'll be completely honest in saying that their comment initially upset me greatly but rather than allowing those ill feelings to harbor and thus do further harm, I turned to God.  In prayer I asked Him to change my heart towards this person and He has done exactly that.  Not only am I no longer angry but my heart now aches for this person to know the love and peace that God offers.  A God who can take my sinful nature of feeling anger towards a person and change that by 180o and give me a burden to willingly and happily pray for this person.

Anonymous, I am not upset by what you said.  I do not agree with your choice of words but possibly now you don't either.  I'll never know.  What I do know is that you are on my heart often and I cannot count the number of times in the past day and a half that I have lifted you before the throne of grace in prayer.  And, I will continue to pray for you as you come to mind. 

Next up...something fun!  We need some Hannah updates stat! 


  1. Oh sweetie, those self-righteous anon commenters always just seem like the stupidest of stupid to me. Why on earth would anyone waste precious time reading blogs that they so vehemently disagree with? That's like that old joke "doctor it hurts when I do this" "so stop doing it." Hugs to you, eyeball roll to anon.

    Whatever. Delete, pray, move on. Right?

    1. Right!! Thank you so much friend!

      Love ya!

  2. I wish I had your strength, Catherine. But I'm learning...I'm still a work in progress. I don't believe God has finished with me yet.

  3. If Hannah grows up to be like her mom, she will be quite an admirable woman. You have so graciously responded to anon's unfortunate comment, because of who you are. You are fortunately instilling the loving God who abides in you in your beautiful daughter.

    Joining you today in prayer today for those who hurt and seek to hurt others.


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