Friday, April 13, 2012

Moments to Remember: Bad Pool!!

You may remember from this post earlier this week that my parents have a pool in their back yard.  Currently it still has it’s winter cover on it.

Hannah visits with Grandma and Grandpa on Thursday evenings while I teach piano and then I go pick her up.  Last night the International Space Station was going to cross over their house while we were there so Dad went outside to watch.  He called us outside to see.  We hurried out and were looking up to see it.  I looked down in time to see Hannah looking up and walking directly towards the pool!  Yikes!  She was only about a foot in front of me but it was like slow motion in that I tried to grab for her but I was too slow…

Plop!  Onto the pool cover she went!  It’s still closed for the season as a month ago there was ice on the cover but now it’s covered with cold water and mud.  Poor sweetie! 

I scooped her up within seconds but she was one wet, muddy and cold little munchkin!  

Mom and I took her back into the house and popped her in the warm bath.   Soon she was giggling and saying, ‘Bad pool!’

She’s none the worse for her accidental swim but hopefully it’s taught her how careful she needs to be around the pool.  I know we’re ever mindful but last night was a good reminder to the adults too just how quickly things can happen.

The grand kids in our family have a contest each year to see who can brave the chilly waters and be the first one in Grandma and Grandpa’s pool.  Hannah has safely secured that title for 2012….by about 2 months!!!


  1. OOPs..... all good though... great rescue Mama...
    have a great weekend..

  2. THe title of this post sent shivers down my spine and I was really nervous as I read it. Phew....glad it went the way it did and Hannah was only wet and cold.
    These things do happen so fast. ( this is where grey hair comes from )

  3. Poor baby girl, and yes she def. deserves that 2012 title!!! :)
    I'm pretty sure if I plan to live with my parents when adopting that the social worker will want a safety fence around the pool in the back yard.

  4. Oops! Glad that she was okay and just a muddy mess.

  5. At least she won the contest! But scary! I am hyper vigilant around the pool. We swim a lot, so I have to be careful never to get to comfy or to let my guard down. Can't take any chances because, like you say, it can happen so fast. Drowning is quiet, too. And it often happens when people are getting ready to leave the pool. My mom saved a kid who fell in while his mom was packing up. She had just taken off his life jacket. He was at the bottom when my mom got up out of her chair for no reason and walked over to the pool. Tender mercy...

  6. I can only imagine how your tummy felt. It probably dropped to your knees.

    1. It did for sure Laurel but I knew there was only an inch or two of water on top of the cover so that was the good part. I felt so bad for Hannah as it was cold water! She lOves to swim so I didn't think the getting wet would bother her & it didn't which I'm thankful for!

  7. As soon as I read the title of this post, I had the sneaking suspicion that it would have something to do with one of you falling into the pool. This is very scary, as it is so easy to break through the cover and get caught under it. Glad to hear that everyone is okay. Hannah definitely deserves the honoured award.


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