Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dance Baby, Dance!

Hannah loves to sing and she loves to dance!!  It’s wonderful to hear her sweet little voice in the back seat of the car singing along with her Bible Song CD and at home she can often be heard singing to herself as she plays.  It’s so precious!

Along with the singing, she also loves to dance.  During this song the girls on the DVD are dancing with umbrellas.  This morning when the song began Hannah rushed to the front hall and grabbed her umbrella so that she could sing and dance along!

After lunch Nana began to play the piano so I scooped her up and we danced along.  We played the ‘stop’ and ‘go’ dance for a bit but when I knew Papa wanted to video it we kept dancing.  Check out her big finish!

I love to hear her giggles and see her smiles during these videos! 

I need to remember more often to pull my hands out of the dish water and dance.  The dishes will still be there when she goes to bed.  I want her to dream of the dances we shared together not dream of dances she wishes we’d shared together.


  1. I love it! I often hear her singing 'Jesus Loves Me' from the backseat while driving - LOL. I've been meaning to tell you that but kept forgetting :)

    I've also noticed she's picked up some new dance moves lately, she's getting to be quite a good little dancer :)

  2. Amen to the comment about leaving the dishes behind. I often comment to those who come to see us at our home that Charlotte will remember all the good times we had together, not how clean Mommy kept her house or how orderly things were. I was brought up like this too. Although, it can be hard to live with at times.

  3. I could listen to Nana playing the piano all day. Beautiful!


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