Monday, April 09, 2012

A Day of Fun from Morning ‘til Night

Hannah and I enjoyed another great day together on Saturday!  I want to take the 4 days that I’m off and invest in her and spend a lot of quality time together.  Saturday was full of that and it was a treat!

Our morning started with a visit at one of my co-workers home.  The Easter Bunny had visited Terry-Lynne’s home and since her girls are now teens she’d invited her nieces and nephews and Hannah to help her gather the eggs.  We were all over that!IMG_5154

Here Hannah is scoping out some of the eggs and is excited to find ones with her initials on them.IMG_5147

Once the hunt started Hannah was off and running!  IMG_5146

She was so sweet as she met 2 new little friends, one of whose name started with an ‘A’ which is a letter she knows.  I could often hear her calling out ‘Aidan, here’s an egg for you!’  She’s fully 3 and has her moments of ‘me’ for sure but much more often she’s a sweetheart who is great with the kids around her!  I often hear comments about her sweet personality and truly God has blessed her with this and in turn I am forever blessed to have her as my daughter!!  I still have moments of ‘pinch me’ all the time as I am Hannah’s Mommy!


The Easter Bunny had some fun hiding places!IMG_5157

Oops!  Clean-up by the fence!  Together we made quick work of this and she was off and running again.IMG_5162

Thanks so much Miss Terry-Lynne!  We had a great time at your egg hunt!  Thank you for inviting us!!IMG_5168

When we got home Hannah had me in splits with her plastic egg emptying style.  Truly….why would you do it any other way?  What you hear at the 35 second mark is exactly what I talked about earlier in the post.  Hannah’s true little loving heart shining through.

Hannah’s bucket ‘o candy and this is after I snagged a bit of it while she was napping.  IMG_5183

I knew she’d have more candy than she’d we’d ever be able to eat so I purchased very little for her hunt and some from this one will be hid again.

Hannah has also enjoyed playing with the plastic eggs.  In the past day she’s played with virtually no other toy and we’ve played many imaginary games with these little plastic eggs.  Here she has something set up and as I waited she looked up the instructions for the game on her LeapPad.   Heh!!IMG_5198

Yes…still pinching myself!!!


  1. Happy Easter Hannah, and you too Catherine. How could you NOT have a good one! Looks like H had a great time looking for those eggs.

  2. What a fun hunt! My 3 yo (almost 4 :( ) niece loves to put some beloved items in one of her eggs :)

  3. My Maggie just LOVES the plastic eggs too. The entire year, since last Easter, we have been playing with them probably 3 times a week, Our favorite "game" with them is to try to stack them one inside the other and make it as tall as possible while holding them before they topple over. We stack by color a lot too and we count the heck out of them! LOL I love your blog. I too adopted a daugther from China. Maggie is currently 4 (Feb) and I got her when she was 22 months old. I too am a single mom but live in Birmingham, AL. And I am a Christian too and love seeing your teach your Hannah about the Love of Jesus. God Bless.

  4. OH the sweetness - love her little voice!

  5. Oh! How much fun!! I love the way Hannah cracks open her eggs. I'm going to show Nugget the video. Sometimes those eggs frustrate him to no end. You have a very clever girl!

  6. Love the egg cracking technique.

    Remind me to NOT be around when you give her real eggs!! LOL!


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