Friday, April 27, 2012

First Bike!

Last fall Hannah’s friend Ava gave her the princess bike she had outgrown.  Although we tried it at the time Hannah didn’t quite have the coordination to push the pedals so quickly hopped off and did what she does well…run and climb! 

We’re in the middle of a cold snap with cooler than normal temps but the sunshine called us outside earlier this week and Hannah asked for her princess bike.  She hopped on and rode it like a pro!  Rather than mommy having to push her to get her going, I had to run to keep up with her!  Check out my little girl on her first bike!  (Once we were out there I quickly realized I need to raise the seat.  A ‘to do’ on Mommy’s list.)IMG_5298

Hannah still loves to explore during our walks so I try to allow time for this.  




After our bike trip she was ready to go for a spin on her Princess rider.  Heh, I’m sensing a Princess theme!  No surprise here!!IMG_5312Another theme of the day is how Hannah has grown over the winter and is quickly outgrowing her outdoor riding toys.  Guess it’s time to start checking Kijiji and looking for sales.  One of the downfalls of having Christmas and her birthday so close together that I need to think ahead for the whole year when purchasing gifts.  Note to self for next year!

Here’s a similar pic from last August.[IMG_13473.jpg]

As much as I know Hannah is growing, it’s when I do these side by side pics that I realize just how much!   She’s a little over 39” right now and is excited that she’ll be big enough for some new rides at Disney this summer.  Each month when I measure her height she asks if she’s big enough for Splash Mountain?  Not quite yet but I’m confident she’ll reach that height by the end of August when we go.  We’ve watched it on YouTube and she’s excited to try it out!

Ride baby ride!!IMG_5301


  1. Wow, Hannah is TALL! My Abby was 3 on 3-7 and she is only 34" tall. We are still wearing size 12-18 month shorts, and those are really big in the waist. After looking at my tiny peanut and then seeing yours, I can't believe how grown up Hannah looks!

    1. You're quite right Suzanne, Hannah is on the tall side and really has been since we became a family when she was 8 months old. At that time she was in the 90th percentile for height and now she sits around the 75th percentile normally. If the old adage about a girl doubling the height that she was on her 2nd birthday that will put her around a height of 5'9". Perfect for her!

      Like your Abby, she is still wearing some smaller clothes too, especially those that can be a shorter length. The pants she wears to gymnastics are size 9 months and what used to reach the floor now go to her knees! LOL! Winter clothes I need to dress her in 3T for length of pants and sleeves although she's pretty much outgrown those too. In the summer I'll pull out her old clothes and see what still fits her. Makes for interesting and sometimes clothes purchase challenges as her legs are long but her waist in small.


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