Sunday, April 22, 2012

Moments to Remember: She’s Beginning to Notice

I always knew the time would come but just wasn’t sure when.  The time is now.  Hannah has begun to notice something different about our family.  She’s begun to notice and talk about it just being the two of us.
This morning when I picked Hannah up from Sunday School her teachers mentioned that they had said something about a Daddy during the story and from her little mat Hannah said, ‘I don’t have a Daddy.’
She wasn’t upset or sad and was just stating a fact but it’s still one of those things that is hard the first time you hear it.  She has occasionally mentioned at home that she doesn’t have a Daddy but this was the first time to my knowledge that she talked about it in a social setting.
When we were in the car later in the morning I asked her what her Sunday School lesson was about and she said, ‘Jesus has a Daddy and it’s God.  I don’t have a Daddy.’   I said, ‘You’re right sweetie.  You and I are a family but there isn’t a Daddy.’  (I will soon talk about God being her Heavenly Father but didn’t want to confuse her this morning as that’s a harder concept for her to understand when she was talking about a Daddy like her friends have.) 
We talked about some of her friends that have a Mommy and Daddy and then about some of her other friends who have a family like ours with only a Mommy.
From her car seat she sweetly said, ‘Yes Mommy.  But, Grandpa is like a Daddy and Papa is like a Daddy too.’
I agreed that yes, they are family and are very important to her.
I am Hannah’s Mommy and can fill that role but I cannot fill the Daddy role in her life.  I am forever grateful for the many men God has placed in our lives and how important each of them are to us! 
Thank you Grandpa, Papa, Uncle Dave, Uncle Ken, Uncle Mark, Uncle J, Uncle Scott, Uncle David, Uncle TubaDad, Mr. Gabin…and more.  Each of you are a gift from God to Hannah and play a very special role in her life!   You are loved and appreciated by both of us and I thank God for each of you.


  1. You're such a great mom. I am working on a blog post about being a mindful parent. You have to be so mindful, so in tune with your child and so prepared. And then you have to wind it sometimes. You always have the right answers for Hannah. You and she make a beautiful family.

  2. The concept of family has expanded to include single parents with children and gay couples with children--two daddies or two mommies--and I am so grateful for all of the configurations because children then see that what they have in their life is a family however it is configured.


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