Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Hannah and her Fwiends!

I’m sure it will come as no surprise to anyone that Hannah loves Disney!  Heh….wonder where she got that from?

Just weeks after I received her Canadian Passport we headed to FL for our first official family vacation.  While we didn’t actually go to one of the theme parks we did visit Downtown Disney where I bought Hannah her first Disney ‘fwiend’.  Mickey Mouse himself!  You can see that it was love at first squeeze!  Look at my little 13 month old sweetie!Imported Photos 00034

Pluto was next to join our family in January of 2011.  DSC_6600

Over the next few trips we added new fwiends each visit until her little collection was complete.  Little did I know then how important these little guys would become and how much fun she’d have playing with them!  (You may notice that there are 2 Donald’s.  We lost one for months so when Auntie K went to Disney in January she bought a new one for Hannah.  Within weeks of that we found the first one so now we’re both proud Donald owners!)IMG_5003

Hannah’s little companions are never far away and she can normally tell you where each and every one of them is!  They nap together.IMG_4530

Play with friends.IMG_4911

Watch TV together.IMG_4287

Sometimes switching things up for her plastic pals.IMG_4445

This one was taken last night when Hannah was gathering her fwiends and taking them up to bed.IMG_5079

And finally…Mickey I owe you an apology.  Hannah has realized you’re the same size as her Belle doll.  Sorry!IMG_5004

Hannah and her fwiends.  Hours of entertainment during the day and more snuggles at night than we can possibly count!  Precious moments for sure.


  1. Love Mickey in the dress. You are up late! Just checking blogs here before I head to be here in BC.

  2. Oh that is hilarious and he wears it well.

  3. I love it! I'm a fellow Disney fanatic, we also have quite a few Disney themed friends around our house.

  4. So cute! And I'm sure Mickey doesn't mind being in such a pretty dress :)

  5. Oh goodness, Catherine! Hannah looks SO grown up in that pic where she's gathering up her buddies for bed! Where did your baby go? :)

    1. *sniff!* I ask myself that very question almost daily!!

  6. I loved my Disney "fwiends" too!!! Hannah's enthusiasm brings back so many memories.

    And so glad that Journey to the Cross was effective for Hannah! It was great chatting with you on Friday too! :)

  7. Love the last picture with Mickey in a dress!!

    Mickey is an important person in you family and that is wonderful!

  8. Laughed out loud at the heap of fwiends, ready for bed. I guess she just scoops them up and dumps them near her pillow?

    Also, enjoyed seeing the Two Little Paddlers and how they're growing as I was devastated when Two Kayaks closed her bwog.

    From Ottawa,

    Grammy Carol

  9. Oh My Goodness!! That is just too cute!!

    We have two Sally cars and two Filmore cars because they were lost for the longest time. Of course Z would ask for them every. day. Not a week after getting the new cars Sally and Filmore 1 were both found. :o)


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