Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Final 2012 Egg Hunting Post…I Think!

Phew!  Hannah can hunt eggs with the best of them after this weekend of fun!  In the end she had 4 egg hunts so she is officially a pro!
Here she is in action at home on Monday morning.  IMG_5220
This pic (although poorly lit with the window behind her) is a nostalgic one.  It is the last one of her hunting for Easter eggs with her high chair as the hiding place since I’ve recently sold her high chair.  She hasn’t used it in over a month so it’s time to part with it.  I’ll be honest in saying it’s tough.  It’s one of the last ‘baby’ items she has and we’ve used it virtually every day since she came home.  *sniff*  This year her shoulders were at tray level.IMG_5219
In typical Catherine style, here are a couple of pics from 2011 and 2010 to show how she’s grown.
2011 (nose at tray level)            2010 (She could easily walk under the tray)IMG_0161Imported Photos 00031
Where does the time go?
The Easter Bunny was well aware of how many egg hunts Hannah attended this weekend so he switched things up a bit at home which was just fine with her.  Many of her eggs were filled with  socks!  We also have candy coated chocolates here in Canada called ‘Smarties’ which are much like M&M’s in the US.  Around the 15 second mark you can hear that she still struggles with the ‘s’ sound on the front of some of her words.  Oh how this makes me giggle when she corrects me!  It reminds be a lot of this clip from the Big Bang Theory!
Treats from the Easter Bunny.IMG_5210
The umbrella was a hit as was the hula hoop.  She can’t use the hoop properly yet but she has made up fun games using it and loves for Mommy to hold it while she jumps through it.IMG_5213
In the afternoon we headed to Grandma and Grandpa’s.  This is one of those outfits that I love and it just kinda happened.  She started out wearing her ‘nastics’ outfit then added the tutu skirt.  From there we added the sweater and socks and I thought she looked absolutely adorable!  It’s fun when outfits just kinda fall together like this.IMG_5233
And they’re off!  The two little girls were given a head start hunting for eggs then the bigger kids joined them.  It was such fun to watch everyone running around and yet also helping each other out too! 
This is the speed Hannah loves to use all the time! No wonder we’re both tuckered out by the end of the day!IMG_5238
A little help from GrandpaIMG_5245
Most of Hannah’s cousins.  2 were missing from the pic but it’s still great to capture most of them here!IMG_5254
This is the end of our Easter 2012 posts.  Hope you’ve enjoyed sharing in a bit of the fun we had this wonderful Easter season!


  1. What an Easter season. No regrets about not celebrating! You guys did it all. You're such a fun mom. I love your style!

  2. WOW... can Hannah have anymore fun with Easter.... you are always doing something... Looks like a great weekend...
    Sorry can't give you any clues... Love ya...
    and as for them growing up... it would be nice to keep them small...after 16 it is CRAZY..... I would give anything to have them small again...
    Have a great week...

  3. Oh. . .I got tears in my eyes thinking about you giving away her high chair. I'm no where close to that and it gets me choked up thinking about it. (Kind of like when your planning your WDW trip and when you go over and over it in your head and get to the last day you get a little sad just thinking about it, even though it hasn't even happened yet!)
    Love Big Bang, and Hannah's version of Smarties ;)
    What a fun Easter Bunny--thinking of cool things other than candy to stash in those eggs. I also like the idea of the Bunny bringing her stuff at the end of the day instead of the morning.
    Sounds like a great day of fun and weekend of egg hunting!!!
    Loved the comparison pics of little miss and through the years of egg hunting and her high chair. Also her cute outfit that just came together, because seriously I would have thought it was planned out :)

  4. The high chair pictures - not just the height difference but the different stance of Hannah in each picture! She is growing!


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