Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Day in the City

Last week Hannah and I had an appointment in Toronto so I took the day off and we ventured into the city together.  Before we stepped out of the house I decided that I wanted it to be a fun, slow day of adventure where we took time to enjoy whatever areas she wanted to discover.  It was a great day from start to end!!

Rather than popping her into the car for a drive into the city we drove to the train station and took a ‘choo choo train’ into the city.  Oh yes!  We were off to a great start!IMG_0503



While in the train Hannah wanted to take a picture of Mommy.  I think she did a good job.  It’s funny to look at myself from her perspective!IMG_0508

The train was a HUGE hit and as soon as we got off she jumped up and down and said, ‘Train fun Mommy!  Again!!’  I can see more train rides in our future for sure!

After we oooed and ahhhhed over the tall buildings all around us we began to walk through the city.  It truly is beautiful and Hannah taught me to see so many of the things that I would have missed without her. 

This fountain was a fun place to splash on a warm summer day.IMG_0509

As we were walking through the city we saw a place that I’ve heard of often but hadn’t been in years.  The world renown Hospital for Sick Children (aka Sick Kids).   IMG_0510Just after we walked past the hospital there was a loud thumping sound and I immediately knew what was happening.  As we stood on the sidewalk and looked above, a helicopter known as ‘Band-aid’  flew just a few hundred feet above our heads and landed on top of the hospital.  I was holding Hannah in my arms at the time and after watching the helicopter land on the hospital we stopped and prayed for the child in the helicopter, for their parents, for the doctors and nurses and all who would care for that child.  I held my baby girl close as I thanked God that Hannah and I are outside that hospital and we prayed for all those inside.  I continue to cherish the opportunities to teach Hannah that prayer is the air we breathe and we have many opportunities daily to pray for those around us.

(On a side note, Baby Tatiana is still in Sick Kids.  She’s growing stronger and doing well.  Thank you for your continued prayers!  At the beginning of June when this picture was taken she’s was up to 2 lbs 14 oz.  Way to grow Tati!!)Unnamed

By now it was close to noon and my sweet girl was tuckered out.  She asked to go into her stroller and quickly fell asleep.  Rather than rush home I found a table at a restaurant with an outdoor patio and enjoyed a delicious lunch in the fresh air while watching my baby girl sleep peacefully.  She woke part way through lunch so we shared the rest.IMG_0515


After taking the train back home the day was still young so we went down to a park at the lake and played in the playground, the splash park

and then threw stones into the lake.IMG_0519

A perfect day from start to finish!!  Oh how I love you Hannah XiaoFen!  I’m so glad we had this wonderful day together just enjoying what we found around us!


  1. Love the pictures. We just came back from Toronto!
    Looks like you are having a nice summer so far.

  2. Oh Mama, you sure know how to have a perfect day with your beautiful daughter.

  3. What a fun day!!!!! Summers are so beautiful in Toronto... You are SUCH a great mom, Catherine!

  4. What an AWESOME day!!! You are so much fun!!

  5. J. and I are totally going to do this with Chick and Pea. Pea is fascinated with trains, so it will be an extra special treat for him!

  6. Looks and sounds like a great day! (my son would be jealous to know that you have real choo-choo service)



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