Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles!!

Yay…summer is here and we’re taking full advantage of the hot temps and long summer nights!

A snack in the car on the way home from daycare has proven to be a great thing for us!  Hannah has much more energy when we get home and isn’t melting down while I prepare supper.

The past week the weather has been beautiful so we’re enjoying our courtyard to the fullest.  Having that built last year was one of the best home investments I’ve made in the 14+ years I’ve lived here!  When we get home at night Hannah asks for bubbles and I open the door  to the outdoors and she has a ton of fun going between the house and the courtyard.  DSC_8312





When we first get home we each grab a bottle of bubbles and have fun together.  Precious moments together after a long day apart.  There’s nothing better than slowing down and listening to my sweet girl giggle as she chases bubbles around the deck and calls out, ‘Mommy, Watch me!  I do it!’  Precious moments for sure!!  It also makes me wish that we lived in a climate that was warm all year round.  Winter is long and hard but oh how I appreciate spring, summer and fall because of winter.

After we’ve played together for a bit she plays on her own while popping into the house to chat and help me cook supper.  Having the help means supper takes a little/lot longer to prepare but it’s fun to find things for her to do.   Who knew that cleaning mushrooms could mean each mushroom is hand delivered from the sink to the counter?  Hannah knows it and she’s so proud with each thing she helps me with.DSC_8336



On a related note, until I was the Mommy of a bubble blowin’ toddler I had no idea why someone would need this jumbo size refill of bubbles.  DSC_8255Heh…I’ve quickly learned why in the past week!!  Each of the ‘bubble pubbles’ in this pic represents a bottle of bubbles that was spilled within ummm…a 10 minute period! DSC_8319

To her credit, she doesn’t purposely spill the bubbles but when you’re 2 it’s fun to run, jump and spin while the bubbles float in the air and spills just happen. She is getting better though and today’s 2 bottles lasted almost half an hour before they spilled.  A big improvement in just a few days.  I now understand why they sell this size of bubble refill and I’m going to hit Walmart tomorrow while they’re still on sale and buy another one!  IMG_0371

I’m already looking forward to bubble time tomorrow!!DSC_8345


  1. How fun!!! We love bubbles here as well. Have you seen this?

    I think we'll be using it at some point.

  2. I just have to add our favourite crunch snack to your list:

    The kids prefer it to the regular cereals, abd it's better for them! Tastes like popcorn. And only $1.99!

  3. You might look into these to help with the spills -

  4. Bubble fun...nothing better! ANd I just found the mega bottle we had bot and packed away. We were losing bubbles faster than we could blow them. Summer time is awesome!

    Keep smilin!

  5. P.S. I also second Kayaks recommendation. I follow this craft blog and printed this out for reference this summer.

  6. You can also make your own - Dawn dish detergent & water. :-)

  7. They make a variety of spill proof containers, in a variety of sizes. They are well worth the few bucks you will pay for them, my kids loved then when they were little.

  8. We use the spill proof bubble containers (they aren't truly spill proof but spill a lot less and don't spill unless your gal leaves it upside down--- like mine love to do!).
    ladystargazer @ hotmail . com


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