Thursday, June 02, 2011

Who Says Chopsticks are Just for Eating?

Last night Hannah and I went out for dinner with my parents to a great local Chinese Buffet.  It’s my favourite restaurant to go for special occasions.  Hannah enjoys the food there too and truly they lose money on my little girl as she eats so much!  Without fail we have someone stop by our table to say:

a) how good she is and,

b) how much she’s able to tuck away!

It’s not unusual for us to be at the restaurant for over an hour and a half and she does great!  Sometimes she comes up to the buffet with me and other times she hangs out with Grandma and Grandpa at the table.

Last night I picked up a pair of chopsticks to use when eating sushi.  As soon as they were open Hannah claimed them I needed to get another pair.  She was absolutely adorable trying to ‘use’ them.  Not bad….her fruit sushi is airborne using the ‘stab and lift’ technique.


We like to call this one the ‘Speared Sippy Cup Spin’IMG_0359

Her final chopstick accomplishment was the ‘Watermelon Flag’IMG_0361

After supper Dad captured a few pics for us together.  I try to remember to ask people to take pictures of the two of us so that Hannah doesn’t end up with an album of pics of her alone.IMG_0369

Oh Shaoey!  Mommy loves you SO MUCH!!!  xoxo



  1. Cute pictures. I have WAY too few pictures of myself with the girls. I have been better about making sure there are more pictures with me in them lately :-)

  2. She is such a smarty! I too make an effort to make sure we have family shots. Too few IMHO!

    Keep smilin!

  3. Catherine,

    I have checked you out for a while! Your girl is growing. Seems like you are both doing very well.


  4. Mashed potatoes, corn, and sushi at a Chinese restaurant?


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