Monday, June 13, 2011

Anatomy of Piggy Tails

This is one of those posts for Mommy’s book of things I want to record for memory’s sake. 

M3 taught me how to create pig tails in Ro and Ree’s hair and I believe it was Tiffany who originally taught her.  (LOL!  I remember the one day I offered to help M3 and do the girls hair for her when I was a newbie newbie.  M3 didn’t say anything but I noticed a little later in the morning that the girl’s hair had quietly been redone.  Heh!)   I knew as soon as Hannah had enough hair that I’d want to decorate it will pig tails, pony tails, ribbons, clips and bows!  She is super cooperative most times when I put in pig tails so that helps a lot.  Clips on the other hand are often removed ripped out in the millisecond it takes me to move my hands from her head and glance away.

When she was really little and I was just starting to put piggies in her hair I’d give her a snack while she sat in her high chair.  Now 18 months later she still sits in her high chair but now she likes to help mommy. 

Here you have my version of:  The Anatomy of Piggy Tails!

Important tools:  Fine toothed comb, squirt bottle, tiny elastics, DSC_8368

and one adorable model!DSC_8354

The first step is squirting Hannah’s hair with water and she is surprisingly ok with this and doesn’t even bat an eye even if she happens to be eating breakfast or playing with a toy.DSC_8357

The next step is creating a part in the centre of her hair and this is easily her least favourite part of the entire process!  She hates having any hair touching her eyes and the thing about this that is so cool is that I am totally the same way!  My hairdresser knows to cut my bangs shorter than she’s comfortable with as if they get long enough to where they’re touching my eyes I’ll be pulling out the scissors to trim them myself.  It’s one of those things were I see God’s fingerprints on our lives and see ways that He created Hannah and I for one another with traits of our personalities that Hannah could easily have inherited from me should she have been my biological child.  Since we are not related biologically, God placed similar things in our lives by His design.  (Another example of this is that my Grandpa on Mom’s side of the family sneezed a number of times each times he went into the sun.  Mom sneezes when she goes into the sun.  I sneeze when I walk into the sun and yes, you’ve guessed out that Hannah does too!  I love it when God does stuff like this!!) DSC_8361

As I begin to work on the pig tails I put one elastic between my front teeth.  It always makes me smile when I see Hannah take the extra elastic and put it between her teeth.  ‘Just like Mommy!’ she is heard to say often!  I truly believe that Hannah is the biggest mirror in the world and she keeps me on my toes!DSC_8360

And now we’re set to go and since I’ve now been putting pig tails in her hair for over a year, it only takes about 3 mins to get her piggies in from start to finish.

First one sideDSC_8362

And then the other.  On a good day they’re placed symmetrically on her head.   On bad days one or both come out and we try a second time.DSC_8367

Pig tail cuteness on the love of my life!!  Couldn’t you just eat her up?  I do on a daily basis and I still find myself catching my breath knowing that we are a forever family and the is mine!!  Her little hand in mine still takes my breath away and the cry of ‘Mommy’ blesses me beyond measure!DSC_8365


  1. My routine with Chick is only a teeny bit different in that I have to use a gallon of detangler on her curls and she sits on my lap. She's good about it as long as Yo Gabba Gabba is playing on TV.
    Hannah is cute as a button in her piggies!!

  2. Cute! I love piggies in Chloe's hair but she is the same way with clippies and bows the fly out.
    Jim (Chloe's dad)sneezes in the sun and so does she. It was meant to be only a small percentage of people do that!

  3. Adorable!!! Love me some piggies!

    And yep, it was Tiffany the Master who taught me. Before her lesson, the girls ponytails were sad, scraggly, crooked little slippery lumps. She took one look at Ro, Re, Maisie, and Tess and had them all shipshape in no time. It was like a tiny pro piggie line. And we all learned how she did it. Ahhhhhhh.

  4. Piggy tail cuteness indeed! She is so good! D is super about her hair and clips. The issue is her hair! She has a cowlick in the middle that send her hair off in all directions. I can get piggies in but the part is often wonky and one side is thicker than the other. We do lots of one back pony tail these days!

    Keep smilin!

  5. So very cute!! Love the last picture - great smile!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  6. Love the piggies!! Practice makes perfect!!

  7. Pony tail perfection is tough to come by here too but I'm getting better at it. Cowlicks don't help either. The funny part in this house is that when I put the elastic between my teeth, Sunshine tells me "Momma, no mous (mouth)no teese" (teeth). She knows that we constantly correct her brother for putting things in his mouth and she tries to correct me when I do it too.


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