Friday, June 17, 2011

Cutest Kiddo in the Doctor’s Office!

Hannah is one consistent kiddo!

Teething = fever = ear infection….again!

Hannah’s 2 bottom molars popped through 2 weeks ago and last weekend we ended up in urgent care as she had another ear infection.  She was given an antibiotic that if I’d trusted my Mommy instinct I would have refused.  The doctor (not our family doc) prescribed Amoxicillin which has proven to be not strong enough for one of her ear infections.  Even though the doc gave her a higher dose over 5 days rather than lower for 10 it still wasn’t enough and by last night I knew a visit to our family doctor was needed today.  She was fighting a fever, a huge tell-tale sign for Hannah and ear infections and said she hurt.  She’s an awesome sleeper and last night I rocked my crying baby girl as the meds took effect and she drifted back to sleep.  Oh how I hate when she’s in pain!

I want to say now that I love our doctor and his nurse!  They are amazing!  This morning we walked past a busy urgent care office with a 1+ hour wait, took the ‘elegator’ upstairs and Kay took us right in!  No waiting, no questioning why I hadn’t called, they just welcomed us and wanted to help Hannah feel better quickly.  Sure enough her ears are still pink and she’s now on a stronger antibiotic.  Ears are not something I’m going to mess with!  As we were leaving I thanked Dr. Fitz and Kay and his response to me was, ‘If we’re here, please don’t go to urgent care.  Come upstairs and we’ll be sure to fit you in.’  What peace that gives to this Mommy’s heart!!

And now, the reason why I titled the post as I did.  When Hannah found out we were going to see Dr. Fitz today she excitedly said, ‘Wear tutu to Dr. Fitz Mommy!’  And so she did….IMG_0492

I have a feeling she was the cutest patient he had today and I think it’s a safe bet to guess she was his only patient wearing a tutu! 

While we waited for her prescription to be filled we walked down the street and enjoyed a treat at Tim Horton’s.  It was fun to see how many people Hannah made smile today!!


Unfortunately tonight was another rough one for Hannah as she was in pain again even though Ange had given her Advil when she woke up because she’d been crying in her sleep and woke up inconsolable.  Sad smile  As we were eating supper at Mom and Dad’s she was saying her teeth were hurting and at one point literally shook with the pain.   Poor sweetie!  Topped her up with Tylenol, we settled in for some cuddles and soon she was feeling a little better.  I’m hoping that if her teeth are sore that it might be her 2 upper molars trying to make their way through.  No sign of them yet as I felt around her gums tonight.  Once those last 2 molars are here she’ll have all her teeth and I must admit, that’s one of the few phases of her precious little life that I will be glad is behind us!

And, to leave this post on a better note, one more picture of my tutu cute little girl!!IMG_0495


  1. It hurts so bad when they are sick, she is a doll and lovely in her TuTu. Asking God to touch her little body and hope she feels better real soon. You are such a good Mommy, blessings.

  2. Poor baby! Hope she feels better soon. You are right...the cutest baby ever and the BEST dressed. Love the skirt!

  3. Poor little bug. Hope she's back to herself in no time. If she ever gets that shaky with pain again, give me a call.

  4. Poor H! It is such a reassurance to have that support and aid when faced with pain and unknown. Hugs to you both!

    Keep smilin!

  5. Tutu right! She looks adorable. Hope she is feeling better soon.


  6. I'm sure she is all better now. My kidlets don't do well with Amoxcillan either and I make sure I tell the doc if we happen to see a different one.


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