Monday, June 06, 2011

A Birthday and Bowling!

Sunday Hannah went to the birthday party of a little friend.  It gave her an opportunity to celebrate with Ava and try bowling for the first time too!  Hannah and the Birthday girl.  Happy Birthday Ava!!DSC_8277 The party was a Mickey Mouse theme so Hannah dressed the part.  DSC_8262Most bowling alleys in Canada are 5 pin alleys and the great part is that from a young age kids can lift the bowling balls themselves. DSC_8275


I tried helping Hannah at firstDSC_8269

but I was quickly told, ‘Mommy!  I do it all my-self!’DSC_8264

Hannah tried a variety of methods of getting the ball down the alley

First it was kicking but that wasn’t overly successful when the ball stopped partway down the lane. Smile

Eventually she got her groove on and found out that an overhand throw works best for her. 


Happy Birthday Ava!  Hannah and I had a great time celebrating your 6th Birthday with you!



  1. So much fun and Hannah is getting so big! Love the Disney outfit.

  2. Looks like great fun! We used to bowl in a couples' league way back when (so long ago that I'm not sure where my shoes and trophies are packed). Hannah was already dressed the part with the bows in her hair-very cute!


  3. What a great party!!! A & H are scrumptious!

    Keep smilin!

  4. Bummed we had to miss it. Looks like a VERY fun time was had by all!!


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