Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another Long Anticipated First–Strawberry Picking With My Girl!

There are so many things that I long dreamed of doing with Hannah.  Even though we’ve been a family for almost 20 months now there are still things that we’re experiencing together for the very first time.  Today’s adventure was strawberry picking!  It was a tight squeeze to find the time in our busy weekend but we did it and I’m so glad we did! 

We went back to the farm where we’d met the Easter Bunny with our friends and from the moment we arrived the fun began.  I’d decided not to take Hannah home to change her out of her Sunday dress and she chose to wear the infamous kitty cat boots with her dress.  I love how being a Mommy has changed me!  Wearing a fancy dress to pick and eat strawberries and matching that with rubber boots is not how I thought I would be but sure am glad that’s the way it’s turned out!  (That being said, I’m happy to report that a soak in cold water when we got home and then a wash with a combo of Tide and Amaze has Hannah’s dress looking as good as new!)

After a quick jump in the jumping castle Hannah was excited to get her face painted.  A strawberry seemed like the perfect choice for today!IMG_0579

Just as my little strawberry was done having her face painted the tractor arrived pulling the wagon so it was time to head to the strawberry fields.IMG_0582

It didn’t take long for Hannah to figure out which berries were okay for picking and our basket began to fill up.  IMG_0583She picked most of the berries that went into our basket as Mommy was busy taking pictures of her little sweetie.




Can you taste the sweetness with your eyes?  Mmm!IMG_0601



The funny thing is that it took quite a bit of encouragement from Mommy for Hannah to eat any of the berries.  I guess our conversations in the grocery store about not eating the fruit until we pay for it have hit home with her.  I ‘needed’ that pic ;o) so I was glad when she changed her mind even though that very first bite led to a river of strawberry juice running down her dress.IMG_0609


At first she started to wipe her hands on her dress so Mommy quickly volunteered her leg which she thought was lots of fun!





Another family tradition has been born!!  (Oh how I love that word….FAMILY!!!)IMG_0622


  1. Looks like she thoroughly enjoyed herself :)


  2. What a fun family tradition! My friend has some darling ideas for a strawberry-themed wedding on her blog...look on my sidebar. I'm thinking you and Hannah could have a strawberry-themed tea party! :)

  3. Oh what fun! And I LOVE that little strawberry stained face!!!! What a wonderful FAMILY tradition!

  4. Offered your leg -- hee, love it!! Good thinking. See you soon. :-) Tell Hannah the girls now have 4 craft choices for her to pick from: moon sand, sidewalk chalk paint, tissue paper bowls, or safety pin bead bracelets. They think she'll pick the paint, but it will be fun to see what she picks.

  5. many fun crafts! However will she decide? I think the girls are right though as she's all about sidewalk chalk right now and paint is always fun so blend the two together and you have the perfect craft! Off to pack some clothes she can get really messy in! :o) We can't wait to see you either!!!

  6. Love doing all the firsts! Jenny has those same boots and loves wearing them with her dresses too...tooooo cute! Can't wait to see you!

  7. Looks like Hannah had almost as good of a time eating them as picking them.

  8. Making both your dreams come true and great family very sweet.

  9. Such fun and special memories being made.

    Keep smilin!


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