Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Breakfast Crew!

Early yesterday morning as Hannah and I were getting ready for gymnastics the doorbell began to ring at a crazy rate and was accompanied by knocking on the door.  There are only 2 people who come to our house like that so I cautiously went to the front door and peaked out through the blinds. Ringing the bell was my crazy brother and he was accompanied by my SIL, niece, Mom and Dad.  DSC_8240They arrived with flowers, balloons and breakfast for the making.  SO fun!!  Hannah and I were still in our jammies but we threw open the door and welcomed the party crew into our home.  I love spontaneity so it was a treat that we thoroughly enjoyed! 

The girls had a great time together and Hannah quickly dumped out the majority of her toy bins so that the girls had lots of options of things to play with.  It’s so neat to see them playing together now and they have a blast together!DSC_8236

Today Hannah received 2 little balls in a birthday party goody bag and her very first comment was, ‘Dis one Kennah’  So sweet!  She amazes me all the time at how generous she is and how well she is learning to share….most times.  After all, she’s still 2!  ;o)

Thanks so much for the wonderful surprise party Dave, Trish, Makenna, Mom and Dad!  You’re the best!!


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