Monday, July 12, 2010

Utah Bloggy Reunion Trip!

In the fall of 2007 I was privileged to join a great group of bloggy gals who were meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. Thursday Hannah and I flew to SLC with M3 and her girls and we’ve enjoyed a great, adventurous weekend together with these wonderful gals and their adorable kiddos. (l to r) Donna, Lisa W, me, Lisa S, Tiffany and M3. IMG_2197LR


Here’s just the kiddos. (l to r, youngest to oldest) Hannah, Solomon (our one brave little man!), Tate, Lauren, Eliza, Maisie, Ree and Ro.IMG_2190LR

My computer is giving me grief posting in the mountains so I’m going to wimp out and direct you towards M3 and Lisa S blogs as they’ve both done a great job at getting posts up. I was able to attend a BBQ with some local bloggers last night and sadly due to the flu hitting our house here, the only ‘foreigner’ able to go with Lisa W, so will post about that soon.

It’s been a wonderful weekend (well, except for the flu bug!) and all too quickly is drawing to a close. Hannah and I move on to our next friend Tawni’s house for a couple of days and then will head home mid-week. What a great trip we’re having and so thankful for this time I’m spending with my amazing baby girl and our wonderful friends too!


  1. oh how fun!! SLC is my home town!!! YAY for the mountains!

  2. what a blast! love that "reddish" couch photo of all the girls together, really sweet :O)

  3. It was a fun time but it passed too quickly. Looking forward to our next get-together and seeing all the wee ones together again.

  4. You are having all the fun..
    love all the photos.
    love ya..

  5. Cute photos!

    Quick blog related question for you: How did you get the countdowns in your sidebar?


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