Saturday, July 03, 2010

Having So Much FUN Leaves Little Time for Blogging!

Hannah and I have been having a blast with the Salsa family and finding time for this mommy to blog is tough!! Saturday we celebrated the 4th of July…on the 3rd.

The girls donned their adorable coordinating Wela Wear and even Miss Hannah got into the red, white and blue! Here they are in front of BobBob’s 1930 Model A car. We met up with M3’s parents before the parade to say hi, collect some early candy and introduce Hannah to some of the Red Hat Bingo buddies that I met on an earlier trip.IMG_1849LRPS_copyLR

M3’s friend Maggie parked her golf cart along the parade route the afternoon before and snagged us a great spot!

IMG_1850LR Hannah took the opportunity to grab a quick nap before the parade started while the older girls prepared themselves for the bounty of candy that would be tossed our way.

IMG_1852LR By the time the parade started Hannah was up and ready to play with the big girls. IMG_1875LR

At first she didn’t really understand the candy stuff and would watch and then try to throw it back on the road but soon she realized the cute little matching purse that Wela had made was there to put her stash in! (Too bad she can’t eat it yet. :o)IMG_1897LR


IMG_1915LR The girls hopped into the rumble seat of BobBob and Wela’s car when they drove by and caught a ride up to a great picnic lunch that Wela had packed. IMG_1945LR

M3 and I started to walk with Hannah but thankfully Maggie came back and picked us up as it was hot, hot, hot and it was quite the trek up a huge hill to the picnic area.

Lunch was wonderful followed by a quick picture opportunity in the car then home for play and naps. DSC_3929

Hannah is having so much fun with Ro and Ree and they’re GREAT with her!! So helpful and include her in their play. Hannah is in her glory as their is a whole new house of toys for her to play with.

Early in the evening we headed out to the second part of our 4th of July celebrations. There was a delicious BBQ, jumping castle, balloon animals and face painting. IMG_1956LR

The big girls got their faces painted and then it was Hannah’s turn. The girl doing it was great and within about 15 seconds Hannah was sporting a (slightly smudged) red heart on her cheek.


Our group of little cuties (l to r) Melanie, Ro, Ree, Savannah and Hannah. Don’t they look adorable in their red, white and blue?IMG_1976

The day ended with a bang! A great fireworks show that was impressive for a local show. Here’s a bit of the finale that I captured.

Hannah had a great day yet all the excitement was just too much for her. She crashed in the middle of the fireworks and was out for the night. I was able to get her home and diaper changed without her waking. Like a good Salsa girl her Wela wear was transformed from daywear to nightwear once her head hit the pillow! DSC_3931

What fun it was to celebrate the 4th with you friends!


  1. Looks like a great day. I love 4th of July!!

  2. Having so much fun with you my sweet friend!!! xo, M

  3. Looks like everyone had a great time. Can't wait to meet you guys later this week!

  4. Thanks for the update, I was getting concerned! Glad you had a great 4th, it looked awesome! I love the last photo of sweet Hannah sleeping. What an angel! Can't wait so see what you will be up to next.


  5. Such a cute group of little girls. Love all the adorable dresses!

  6. Hannah is adorable and I loved dancing wih her. So glad to see wela wear has many uses!


  7. Adorable, adorable, adorable! I'm not sure what holiday they are celebrating though. LOL! Just kiddin'! I love how patriotic they are! So fun!

  8. So much fun that I missed! Bummed that I was not able to come to the Red, White and Blue party but I did not want to share my sickness with any of you!! Clark said the girls all had a great time and that Hannah is so cute! Savannah loved all the fun and can't stop telling everyone about it! I know we will catch up on your next visit to CA...yes, I know there will be another trip! haha! and I can't wait to meet Hannah then!;) Enjoy the rest of your trip! HUGS!


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