Monday, July 26, 2010

I’m Sure That Kernel Was Just an Oversight!

DSC_4293 Hannah tried corn on the cob for the first time last night and you can see that it was a huge hit! In the past I’ve cut the corn off the cob and she showed me last night that she’s more than ready to enjoy it just as it is. DSC_4290 DSC_4292

Looks like more corn will be on our dinner plates this summer.


  1. We ALL love corn on the cob at this house!

  2. Kids love corn on the cob! Mine did too at about that age!

    A-dor-able Hannah!
    Snick :)

  3. WOW Catherine, she looks so grown up. She's changed alot this summer! And her hair is getting thicker and longer! The girls and I have so enjoyed your blog Catherine! Thank you very much for sharing your lives with us. Give that precious girl a hug from:
    Miss Lila 60ish
    Ilana 7
    Sadie 5
    Ruby 2 weeks

    from Atlanta Georgia,
    we love ya'll

  4. Too funny.. Tate does the same thing only she takes mine when she is done with hers... miss you here in SLC.

  5. Now that's what you call a high carb diet: pasta, white bread, and corn. She must be getting ready for a race!

  6. Just too adorable, i just love the messy corn all over those sweet little fingers. She is sooooo precious, and seems to be growing and adapting so good. Seems that i can see changes in her all the time. Enjoy your precious baby, God bless you both.

  7. Now THAT is some impressive corn eatin'! :D


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