Friday, July 02, 2010

Finally! A Dream Come True!!

Yesterday I was finally able to introduce a (sleeping) Hannah to her Auntie M3 and Uncle TD! Today she met Ro and Ree and the 3 hit it off immediately!

I'm going to wimp out as I must get to bed, and ask you to check M3's blog for all of today's fun!

Just a couple of quick pics here but lots more pics and stories over at M3's.

Learning how to make cupcakes on the iPad.
Ro and Ree are such a big help with Hannah and are helping to keep her safe. They point out all the 'sharp corners' to her....even those a foot above her little head! :o)

'Hey girls! Follow me!!'

We went swimming this morning and Hannah was so zonked after yesterday's travel adventures and waking up at 5am because of the time difference that she fell asleep on my shoulder as we walked around the pool! So sweet!!

Tomorrow we're celebrating July 4th (yes, on the 3rd) with a parade, picnic, party and fireworks! Hannah will be sporting her adorable new Wela Wear so will look totally adorable coordinating with her new friends! More stories and pics tomorrow...


  1. Hooray on arriving safely and enjoying the fun!!

  2. So glad you guys got in okay and started the celebrating! Love that pic of you and your sweetness in the pool. Can't wait to see you and give you a hug on Monday!

  3. Great pics Catherine! Looks like you are all having a blast.
    I just noticed from you time keepers that Hannah has actually been with you now, longer than she hasn't. I've always been told you'll see great strides with attachment at that point. Longer with "Mommy" than they were in China!


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