Sunday, July 25, 2010

Let the Fun Begin!!

Friday, July 9, 2010 - Park City, Utah

We woke to a beautiful sunny day and our options were endless! The kiddos had been wonderful together on Thursday and played so well, especially when you think that many of them had never met or only met one another when they were toddlers.

As I got ready for the day Hannah had fun playing in the closet on the clothes bar that was just the right height for her to have fun.DSC_4042

Hannah and Solomon sharing a moment early in the day.


Oh yah, I know we're gonna hear about this from some of our local friends! What can I say? She's keeping her options open!! DSC_4044

M3 and I headed to a local park with 5 of the kiddos while a couple of mom's picked up some groceries for the house. Hannah enjoying her favourite thing at the park – the swing!DSC_4047

She’s in good company. Her friends Ree (l) and Ro also enjoy the swings and they’ve totally mastered swinging all by themselves without even needing pushes!


Lauren (l), Maisie (back) and Hannah taking a break from the sun as it was hot, hot, hot!DSC_4061

Just a couple of cute pics of my sweet baby girl.DSC_4059 DSC_4057

The park was great and the scenery around it breath-taking! Nothing but mountains. Oooo, I lurve me some mountains!! It was a busy place too with many families playing which always warms my heart.

On a side note, talking of families makes me think of a funny thing happened on our flight to Salt Lake. I was chatting with the lady beside me (surprise, surprise!) and asked her where home was. She said that she was from SLC and had been away visiting 4 of her grandchildren. During the course of our conversation I found out that she had 39 grandchildren and number 40 was due later this year! Oh yes, we were headed to Salk Lake for sure!! :o)

After lunch we decided to head to Park City Mountain Resort to take in some of the rides available there. Oh what fun we had! Hannah was too little to ride the ski lifts up to the slide rides so while she napped in her stroller with the other moms watching her, I took Ree on the slide ride. P7090098[2]

What fun! It was quite a long ride up the mountain and we were happy to share the time with Donna and Lauren (l), Tiffany and Eliza (r). P71001013 P71001053

Lisa and Maisie, M3 and Ro.DSC_4083 DSC_4084

After the slide ride 6 of us rode a neat roller coaster style ride. So cool!

M3 and Ree; Lisa and Maisie; Me and Ro

If you check out Lisa’s blog here, she has some really neat videos of their rides down the mountain.

For supper our entire group of 14 headed to a local Mexican Restaurant. I’m sure some diners cringed when they saw our group walk in but the kiddos were great and we enjoyed a fun dinner together.P7090445

And finally this picture just makes me giggle! We had the girls dressed in matching shirts and wanted to get a picture of them together. By this point in the day Hannah had tired of her piggy's so had removed them. Cuteness abounds whenever our 3 sweeties are together!!DSC_4095

So thankful for a great day shared with wonderful friends!!


  1. Love to read your blogs and those of the Salsas. You all have way too much fun. Love Hannah's hair in the last photo. It is a real keeper!

  2. what a TON OF FUN Catherine!! your girl is so darn cute!! that static hair is the best!!

  3. It was fun times and hopefully we will all be together again next year. FYI, in the playground piccie it's Lauren & Maisie with Hannah in the tube taking a break from the sun. Love Hannah's hair in the final picture.

  4. Such fun! Those pics of Hannah and Sol are so stinkin' cute!

  5. Wonderful pictures, especially the last one ! Talk about "bad hair day" ;)
    I have been reading your blog for such a long time now and I don't think it's more than fair that you will have an invite to mine/ours. It's in Swedish (of course)but there are lots of pictures on a beautiful Princess from China.
    Take care!
    /Marie (LID 2006-03-23)

  6. That hair is the BEST!!!! I love it!!! Too cute!



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