Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hannah’s First Amusement Park

(Sorry for the lack of posting everyone. Hannah and I are still enjoying our road trip and are currently visiting her grandparents in northern Ontario. Hope to get beck to more regular posting next week. C&H)
A couple of times when I’ve visited M3 and her family we’ve spent time at Gilroy Gardens. M3’s friend Maggie joined us and we were off. I’ve always wondered what it would be like when Hannah was with me and today I found out. My baby girl did not disappoint and she had FUN! IMG_2074LR
Gilroy Gardens is an amusement park designed for children up to about 8 years old with lots of little rides for them to enjoy while wandering around beautifully landscaped paths that offer plenty of shade on hot sunny days. Today we had sun, shade, beautiful scents wafting from the gardens and…fun, fun, fun!!
Our ride adventure began as we boarded the antique cars. It was Hannah’s first ride and she thought it was great!
IMG_2068LR We enjoyed a bunch of rides including the ferris wheel,
and hot air balloons.
By now Hannah was feeling pretty confident and ready to go on some of the rides by herself. I can admit to being totally surprised at her independence and willingness to venture onto these rides by herself at just 16 months of age. Trust me, mommy made sure the seatbelt on each ride was good and tight! P7070440
By far Hannah’s favourite ride of the day were the little goldfish. She rode it 3 times in a row and then still cried when I took her off. Next time sweetie, next time.IMG_2130LR

The perfect ride to end the day was the merry-go-round.
I had imagined this day for years and it was so much better than I ever thought! Hannah has an adventurous side to her and I can tell that she’ll be lots of fun at amusement parks!
We loaded back into the van and the girls were all sleeping shortly after we left the parking lot.IMG_2143LR
It’s a good thing they napped too as any day of fun ends with ice cream/frozen yogurt! M3 found a new taste treat at a place called Yogurtland. Mmmm! We went with Maggie this evening and then called her the following night when we wanted to go a second time only to hear her snicker on the other end of the phone, admitting that she’d already been there with her mother earlier that day! If you have a Yogurtland near you it’s worth checking it out.IMG_2056LR


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time - I can't believe how big Hannah is getting.

    I can't wait till the day we can take Mhyia to places like this!!

  2. oh my gosh, that giggle during the goldfish ride is too precious for words!! I hope you like roller coaster, Mama!
    Michele, Mom to Emily (8 from Yunnan Province) and Alyssa (5 from Chongqing)

  3. Gooood times! I love that you guys are still out and about making the most of every moment! :)

  4. Fun stuff, my friend!! Maybe if I read this post enough times before bed I'll wake up thinking that you're still in the guest room. Yay! :-) Miss you.

  5. OMG, the picture and video of Hannah on the goldfish ride is beyond adorable! I'm smiling ear to ear! Thanks for sharing the cuteness. :D

  6. Catherine and Hannah,
    The girls are clamoring to ride those Goldfish. Trouble is, we don't have any kind of ride like that around here in Atlanta!! but they sure enjoyed watching you ride. Oh what a cutie you are!!!
    I can only imagine how much fun you both had. Although it is quite evident on your faces, all the smiles and laughter.
    Whew! We were checking everyday to hear from you. So happy to hear you're having such a wonderful time!!
    Love you both!
    Miss Lila & the girls
    Ilana, Sadie & Ruby

  7. I LUV the pic of her grinning on the monorail! She's sooo adorable!!

    Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!


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