Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Day That Changed Moment By Moment

Saturday, July 10, 2010 – Park City, Utah

We woke Saturday morning to find that one of the mama’s had been up all night with the flu. Poor thing! Never fun but especially when you’re not home.

We didn’t have any firm plans for the daytime Saturday so most of us decided to head to a local outlet center. We loaded into a variety of vehicles and mama’s with a spare set of hands to push a stroller brought the sick mama’s little one with us. We started at a Croc’s store and by the time we left there it was evident that the nasty flu bug was beginning to spread. 2 little girlies, Ree and Maisie were feeling queasy so after a quick stop at a Carter’s store we regrouped and a couple of the mama’s headed back to the house with their kiddos. Hannah and I drove M3 and her girls back to the house then went back to the outlets. I’ll be honest and say that part of my thoughts was with our upcoming flights home in a couple of days, as much fresh air as possible was a good thing. Hannah and I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon together browsing in stores and sitting in the fresh air enjoying one of mommy’s favourite treats, a pretzel. Mmmm! Hannah is becoming a quick fan too!

As nap time approached Hannah and I returned to the house. We were so thankful to hear that Ree and Maisie were still only feeling queasy and the first mama who had the bug was on the mend and that nobody else was feeling badly. Unfortunately that didn’t last for long and within a couple of hours Maisie took a turn for the worse and another mama and daughter had taken to feeling queasy. Oh no!

We had all been excited to attend a bloggy bash being hosted by Laurel and her family but our numbers were quickly waning. As the minutes ticked by, who was attending the bash changed over and over. We were taking some food to the dinner and that food changed vehicles 3 different times as people fell victim to the flu and people had to change their plans about going to the bash. :o( In the end it was Lisa and Tate, Hannah and I that were able to attend from our group of 6 families.

Hannah and I hit the road almost an hour later than we`d originally planned and unfortunately soon after we hit the main highway we ground to a halt. They were doing a lot of construction on the highway and it took us an hour and a half to go through what locals call the `canyon.` The scenery was beautiful but I truly wish it had not taken us so long to travel about 2-3 miles. Heh…traffic jams seem to be the theme of our trip this year.

Hannah and I met up with Lisa and Tate at their home and the followed them to Laurel`s. We arrived more the 2 hours late and most families were leaving which is sad but we couldn't blame them as it was time to get their kiddos to bed. We were happy that Laurel, Kim and Circe were able to stay and we enjoyed a wonderful couple of hours with them! I will forever be grateful to God for all the amazing friends He has introduced me to through this blog! SO thankful!!

Thank you Laurel for hosting such a great bash. I`m only sorry our group was so small and that we were so late. Hopefully we`ll have another Utah bloggy bash in the future and we can have a get-together `do-over`! I know that those who had to stay back at the house did so with sad hearts as they truly wanted to be at your bash.

Here`s a pic of the kiddos that we grabbed just before getting in the car and heading back to the house in Park City. Utah Bloggy Bash July 10, 2010

May I take a moment to say how amazing my little dolly is in the car? This trip her patience truly was tested in that she spent numerous unplanned hours in her car seat and then sometimes went directly on to long flights from there. She’s a travelling champion! There are times that I pop in a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD into the player but there are many times that she just entertains herself, we ‘talk’ or, we sing fun little action songs. She is AMAZING and I love her like crazy!!!

Her travelling spirit was even more appreciated when my turn with the flu bug came just as we landed in Buffalo. Thankfully I was one who only got the queasy stomach version but it made for a rough 4 hour drive home from the airport. We stopped at friend’s place on the way home and she supplied me with some Pepto and a bag of milk for Hannah which I was so thankful for. I was feeling so weak that I just don’t think I’d have been able to go in to a store to buy milk for Hannah. When we got home Hannah seemed to sense mommy needed some extra lovings and she was awesome as always. I unpacked the bare essentials, got us both ready for bed and did what any good mommy would do – turned Treehouse on TV. Hannah had slept a lot on the final flight home as well as in the car so combine that with the time difference her little body was on and I thought it might be a long night. I quickly fell asleep and she watched Treehouse from her crib beside my bed. I was surprised when within half an hour she called out to me, I turned off the TV and we both fell into an exhausted 10 1/2 hour sleep! I felt better in the morning and back to normal by the evening. Thankfully Hannah has completely avoided the bug. Phew!!

The flu is never welcome but I tell you, when you in a house with 6 mamas and 8 kiddos, it’s especially rough. Thanks Lisa for totally disinfecting the entire house Saturday night!! Greatly appreciated by all!


  1. I am so sorry you got hit with the BUG!!! What an amazing patient baby Hannah is!

    That really was one crazy traffic jam and flu bug!

  2. YUCKY! Sorry that you got sick. Not pleasant!

  3. Oh you poor thing, I didn't know that the bug hit you too. Happy that Hannah avoided it though, never want the wee ones to be sick. Hannah was so good on the trip and we hope to see her and you again soon.

  4. It was so great to visit with you and especially to meet Hannah!

    I agree that we have met dear friends through the miracle of adoption :)

    You are welcome to hang out with us anytime!

  5. So sorry that the flu interfered with your little bloggy bash, that stinks!! Glad to hear that everyone is finally back in good health~

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend Catherine. Can't believe how much Hannah has changed and grown these last few months.....what a cutie!


  6. I have been out of town for a week! So excited to get caught up.

    We loved seeing you. Sorry you got sick later.

    We would love you to come and see us again!

  7. WHEW!
    So glad you're home. I just had a feeling that either you or Hannah had gotten sick in Utah. Happy you seem to be better now.
    Hannah has really changed in the last few months! WOW!
    Love to you both,
    Miss Lila & granddaughters
    Ilana 6
    Sadie 4
    and new one, Miss Ruby 1 mo.


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