Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Giggles, Love and Fun for Everyone!

Wow, wow...WOW!! What a great weekend! It was wonderful to see
Julie & Tess again,
as well as Lisa and Maisie.
It was also neat to meet so many friends in person that until this past weekend I had only known via bloggyland, emails and phone calls: M3 and Ree
Tuba Dad, Ro (l) and Ree (r).
Our first stop when we got off the plane was to visit Tiffany & Eliza!
Lisa (holding the adorable Tess) and I have LID's a couple of weeks apart from one another and she generously opened her home to Julie and I and it immediately felt like home! Thank you Lisa for being such a great hostess...and even letting me try out driving a car! (More on that in another post). I'm looking forward to the day when this pic has your sweet Tate in your arms!
Sunday morning he girls posed for our own red couch photo. L to r: Elize, Tess, Maisie, Ree and Ro.
Sadly this was the last time we were together...for this trip. A great dinner at a Chinese buffet offered us an opportunity to snap a group pic! L to r: Lisa, Tiffany and Eliza, Lisa S and Maisie, M3 with Ree(l) and Ro, Julie and Tess and myself!
Thank you SO MUCH for inviting me to join the Utah Bloggy Bash Reunion Tour! I had the very best time and can't wait until we're together again....with Hannah and Tate too!!!


  1. ooooooooooh, looks like a fun time Catherine!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend filled with lots of brown-eyed cuties!!

    Smiles! :o)

  3. Now that looks like tons of fun!!
    All those adorable kiddos in one place... paradise!

  4. Couldn't have been a better weekend. SO GLAD I finally got to meet you in person!! I'm still grinning. Huge hugs from all four of us.

  5. What a wonderful time from what I read and see. So happy for you that you had the opportunity to meet up with everyone.

    Keep smilin!

  6. You have waaaay too much fun, Catherine. :-)

  7. Looks a very fun time had by all!!! So glad that your weekend was as wonderful as you expected it to be and that you made it home safe and sound.
    Miss ya!

  8. I'm sure you all had a blast. The pics floating around certainly seem to show that anyway. Glad you got to go.

  9. I love seeing all these pics popping up in blogland . . . looks like you all had a fabulous time!

    *HuGs* from Mali & I!!

  10. Miss you so much.... Glad I could give you the opportunity to drive a car.... Pet your sled dogs for me! You were able to do a post, so it must be electricity night at you house!


  11. I couldn't think of a more wonderful group of girls and Mum's to be with!

    Looks like so much fun!

  12. It was a great weekend and I'm so thrilled that you were able to join in this year. Miss you so much already and hopefully we'll see each other again soon. Hugs!

  13. Great pictures
    Great friends
    Great memories
    what more could a girl want.


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