Monday, July 05, 2010

Beach Day with Bloggy Buddies!

Last summer when I was visiting M3 we met some great friends at the beach.  How amazing it was to meet up with Kayce again and this year our hug was one that included a few tears as we were both holding our daughters in our arms!!!  Last summer they were who we talked about, dreamed about, got misty eyed about and yet knew nothing about. Imported_Photos_00722

This year they are here with their sweet, sweet personalities, laughter, giggles and so much more!!  Our babies are home!!! 



DSC_3954 We also met up with another bloggy mom Jen.  It was great to meet her and her 2 precious little ones Amara and Sosina who were both born in Ethiopia.

What a wonderful day we shared together!  DSC_3955LR


Ro and Ree with M3’s wonderful friend Maggie whom we’ve spent much of the week with.  I love how my friendship with M3 means the extension to her family and friends too!DSC_4005LR

When we first arrived Hannah’s reaction to sand mirrored  how she feels about grass…yuck!!  She was hilarious as she lifted her little feet higher than her seat just to avoid them touching the sand!IMG_2039LR

As lunch wore on and she wanted more food she got more and more brave as she toddled across the blanket to score veggie fries or animal crackers.  Before we knew it she was happily playing with the sand, DSC_3958LR

pouring it on her feet and even being brave enough to walk in it!  What a difference a couple of hours makes!


One other new experience that we had to take advantage of was touching the ocean!  Hannah’s very first time at any beach just happened to be on the shores of the Pacific Ocean!  The waves were monstrous!  I just figured they were always like this but was told no, today was pretty exceptional even for the locals.  DSC_3976LR


Hannah and I ventured close to where the waves were rolling in.  You can tell from this pic that we were just at the edge of where they were reaching and we were attempting to dip our toes into the ocean. DSC_3968

Suddenly a huge one broke and we found ourselves surrounded by water.  She didn’t mind that nearly as much as the sand except that it was quite cold.  One wave was enough for these girls!


Hannah is 16 months and is having fun making decisions for herself.  Most times this is great!  Sometimes it backfires on her a little.  Oops! 

My brave little miss climbed up into this beach chair and was enjoying watching all the excitement around her and taking it all in.  I think in this pic she ws enjoying the wind in her hair and trying out one of her new favourite things to do, listening for her echo. 


You can see Auntie M3’s knee in the pic above and she was holding the chair for Hannah just to make sure it didn’t go anywhere.  Well, my independent miss thought she could do in on her own thank-you-very-much and gave her the stink eye while removing her hand from the chair.

You guessed it.  This is what happened next.  Oops!  I’d love to tell you that when M3 brought her to me I rushed to pick her up but umm, no.  I grabbed my camera since she wasn’t crying. ;o)DSC_4014LR

I then quickly grabbed the baby powder (an amazing trick M3 taught me for removing sand) and Hannah was cleaned up right quick and back to playing.

What a great day!!  Here’s our little group.  Sure hope we can get together again some time!!  (l to r) Ree, M3 and Ro.  Jen with a sleepy Sosina and adorable Amara.  Kayce holding her sweet, sweet Cricket and then Hannah and I.DSC_4021LR

Until next time friends….


  1. Great post Catherine,

    I started reading Kayce blog when she was in China and its great to see you with her and you sweeties.


  2. Awesome!! I wish I had known, we could have come up, too!

  3. Aww so much beach fun!!!! Looks like it was a wonderful first experience for Hannah once she got the hang of it! I'm sure she will be ready to go back before too long!

  4. Wow! Looks like a great time! And HOLY look at the wave behind you in that last picture!!


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