Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Real 4th of July!

After the busyness of Saturday we took our time getting rolling on Sunday morning.  We hung out upstairs where M3 taught me how to use Windows Live Writer.  Oh man, I’m a convert!  At the same time Tuba Dad was downstairs whipping up a batch of deeelicious blueberry pancakes.  Mmm!

After brekkie we donned our bathing suits and headed to the pool.  We all had a great time but for the girls it was extra special as daddy was there to play with them, toss them in the air and watch his little fish swim.  Ro and Ree are amazing swimmers now!DSC_3932


Hannah has done really well with the time change, waking between 6 and 7 each morning.  Our trips to the pool have been just before her naps and once again yesterday she snoozed on my shoulder as soon as we got out of the water.



Later in the day M3 and I decided to take the girls shopping but by the time we got to the mall this was what the back of the van looked like.  3 sleeping sweeties!  P7040429

M3 and I tagged teamed and took turns going into the stores.  Once the girls woke up we enjoyed a delicious supper at PF Changs.

I’m not sure what overcame me but I asked M3 if she wanted to go purse shopping.  I think I was looking for a challenge!  After our last purse shopping experience you’d have thought it was the last thing I’d want to do but we gave it a whirl anyway.  The store was closing in only 20 mins and would you believe M3 actually bought a purse?  It’s looking like she might keep it too which could be a new record for her. 

We got home in time to enjoy some neighbourhood fireworks from their front porch and then settle for the night.  We’d done so much celebrating yesterday that it wasn’t until we were eating supper that we remembered today was the actual 4th of July.

We hope you had a great day celebrating with your family whatever you did.


  1. sounds like M3 and I are a purse shopping match made in heaven - only my thing, I will look at 3-4 stores usually before one just calls my name. My only qualifiers - cell phone pocket, zippered change pocket inside, One big pocket - I am not a purse organizer kind of gal hand grips - I don't like shoulder bags. Otherwise it just has to be cute!!! My teenage daughters groan when I mention wanting a new purse and suddenly find plans that take them out of the house for the day. I usually have to bribe them to go with me. The last time I went purse shopping, I actually found one on the first day out and I am LOVING it!!! totally cute purse!

    Glad you are having fun with M3 and the Salsa crew :)

  2. Looks like you are having a MARVELOUS trip!!! I love the beach pictures!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

  3. Fun shopping/snoozin' time for the girls! Glad you helped M3 out with a new purse!


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