Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hannah's Favourite Toy

I purchased this toy for Hannah years ago based on the recommendation of a friend. (Thanks Bonnie!) It is still hands down her favourite toy to play with and mommy enjoys it too!

I like how this video shows how Hannah's language is exploding and how vocal she is these days.

I still have a number of posts from our vacation that I need to put together but when I took this video earlier today I wanted to share it with you.


  1. Aww, she is just so stinkin' cute! And apparently very curious and smart as well! :) It's fun to watch your sweet Hannah as she grows and learns and transitions from a precious baby to a precious little girl. It's also a pleasure, as I follow your blog, to witness how much you love your daughter and the joy she brings you. It's always apparent how much you love being her mommy.

  2. Too cute. She's come a long way. And she's so darned cute! You're such a good mommy!!

  3. Hannah has gotten so big! Cannot wait to see her at our dinner in September.
    The boys have the same toy and it is a definite hit!
    Hope you are having a great time on your bloggy trip!

  4. Ha! We have this same toy but I've never seen it at anyone else's house. Our 15 month old loves it, but sometimes she cries when it stops and all the balls are inside because she wants those balls back, darnit! (This will only make sense to you and other moms who have played with this toy, I'm sure.)

  5. That toy is Zac's all time favorite!! He does the same as Hannah ~ he takes two balls and bangs them together while he watches the rest go around and around! :o)

    He has yet to put any balls back in the tube! I'm impressed!!

    I have loved reading all your travel blogs. I read them while sitting with Zac as he falls asleep! :o)

    Miss you, can't wait to catch up.


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