Monday, June 22, 2009

A Day of Fun from Beginning to End!! Part II - Bloggy Bash on the Beach!!

What an amazing treat it was to meet up with some bloggy friends on the beach in Monterey! It was pretty cold when we arrived and we thought we might not stay for long but we got to talking, the kids were playing in the sand and before we knew it the sun was out, it warmed up for a bit and it was beautiful!!

The bloggy group consisted of (from l to r) Kayce, me, Stacey with Ryleigh and M3 with Ro.

I'd had had the privilege of meeting Stacey in February at a CNY party but this was the first time to meet Kayce! We hit it off immediately and just like so many other times when I've meet bloggy friends, it was like we'd known one another for years. Following one anothers blogs allows us a glimpse into each other's lives so meeting in person is just a wonderful extension of that online friendship!

An added part of the excitement is that Kayce and her husband Mike have a LID of March 29th so only 6 days behind me. It was wonderful to get excited together and talk about baby stuff knowing that we'll both be receiving referrals SOON!!

Stacey and her adorable Ryleigh chit chatting with us in the sand while big brother Austin and daddy went crab hunting. Guess they were successful! Poor Stacey about freaked out (and I don't blame her!!) when one of these crabs got loose and decided her pant leg was the next place to climb. No thank you!!! Someone quickly grabbed it thankfully!

The girls using Tuba Dad as a human monkey bar!

Ro enjoying some Daddy time while

Ree enjoys some time with Mommy.

It was a wonderful afternoon of talking, laughter, chatting about referrals and so much more!! It was great to see Stacey again and so good to meet you Kayce!! Next time I'm in town we'll have to get together and we'll have the babies with us!! Wheee!!!


  1. Yes it was such a wonderful visit and I can't wait until next time! I'm gonna "borrow" your picture of all of us since my camera was broken. Lots of hugs and have a safe journey home!

  2. HOW FUN...
    Kayce is wonderful.. Hope to meet her in person one day..
    You are having soooo MUCH FUN..
    Love it..

  3. It is funny to see CA photos with the wee ones in winter parkas while we sweat under a heat alert way up here in your northern home province...10 at night and it is still 30 degrees outside (Celsius of course).


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