Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thank You Secret Pal!!

Wow, wow...WOW! Once again my Secret Pal was beyond generous with July's gift! Thank you so much SP!

July's theme was 'Summer Fun' and oh boy will Hannah have fun and be stylin' with all her new summer treats! Absolutely everything she'll need for a day of fun in the sun with mommy was included!

Miss Hannah will be sporting this too-cute-for-words pink ladybug bathing suit with one of her 2 matching hats that have the great neck protection flap at the back.

On her feet outside of the pool she'll wear adorable, sparkled flip flops and when in the pool, teeny, tiny pink water shoes! I've secretly wanted a pair of those flip flops since they were all the rage at the last MIW dinner when a few people received them.

Upon exiting her too cute lady bug pool, Hannah will don her bright, fun, colourful beach towel while reading her new 'Who Loves Baby?' book! (These books are wonderful and I plan on sending one in a care package to Hannah once I receive her referral. They're made so that pictures can be inserted in each page so I'll send one with pics of myself and my family so that she will have an opportunity to see us and get to know me a bit before I arrive in China. Hopefully this will ease the transition a little bit.)

Thank you, thank you SP! Once again you outdid yourself and I am very thankful! The card matches the entire gift perfectly and I'm already enjoying the shower gel.

Thank you!!!


  1. WOW! You have the best SP ever!! That is some great stuff...

  2. That is some incredible secret pal!! Those gifts are pure joy! I can imagine you and Hannah having a lovely time in the backyard in her ladybug pool. Okay, I can also imagine you and I enjoyig that ladybug pool this week (it is SO hot!!). :P

  3. I swear you have the BEST SP EVER... those are some awesome gifts woman! LOVE that SUIT!

  4. WOW! What an awesome SB!

    Beautiful stuff, love the bathingsuit!!!


  5. More great gifts - I love those little flip flops too - they were popular at the last MIW dinner weren't they?


  6. What a great SP you have. I love it all but especially the adorablle bathing suit! And the ladybug pool? Who knew but I am looking for it now :)

  7. Wow! That is one great SP that you have! Those are amazing gifts.

  8. Awesome SB gifts! The pool is soooo cool!

  9. Those are some great gifts you have there Catherine...such a great SP! I just bought Ava that same ladybug swim suit last week...isn't it just adorable...I couldn't resist!

  10. FANTASTIC gifts!!

    That bathing suit is ADORABLE!


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