Monday, July 23, 2007

Georgia Bloggy Summit. First Stop? Timmy's!!!

How does any good ‘foreigner’ begin and end her Georgia Bloggy Bash? With Tim Hortons of course! :o)

Friday morning I was up bright…errr dark and early and set off for the airport. My friend Norma and I had stayed with her sister Shirley in Niagara Falls on Thursday night. Thanks for the bed and warm hospitality Shirley!

Going back to Thursday night, a real treat was that Shirley’s SIL Marie was able to get the 4 of us tickets to see Avaia in Niagara Falls. Wow! What a great show! It’s a Circue du Soleil style show featuring some great tumbling acts, clowns and wonderful horseback riding and tricks. Really neat! Thanks for getting the tickets Marie! It was great to see you and Shirley again and spend some time together. Thanks also for the directions to the airport. They were perfect which was really nice at 4AM in a different country!

Back to Friday morning. My 3 alarms (yes 3 since I’d only gone to bed 2 hours earlier) went off at 3am, 3:10 and 3:15. My 4th alarm – Norma, walked down the hall at 3:20 just to make sure I was up. Thanks Norma! I got ready and hit the road. First stop? Timmy’s of course! 3:55am with 2 hours of sleep = needed a Timmy’s! :o) (Too funny! Not yet 4am and I was the 3rd car in line at the drive through! We Canadians sure do love our Tim Horton’s!)

After crossing the border I headed to the airport, flew to Charlotte, NC then on to Atlanta, GA. I love modern day travel! In the matter of a few hours not only was I in a different country I was 2 days drive into that new country!

Stacy had driven in from Kentucky the day before and met me at the airport. It was SO good to see her again! Although we’d emailed and phoned one another a number of times, it was the first time we’d seen one another in person since last November’s Motor City Mama’s Bloggy Summit. What a sweet reunion it was!

She and I stopped at Tar*jay and also at Bath & Body Works and did a little shoppy, shoppy. We were going to grab some lunch (as it was almost 3 by now) but Krista called to make sure we hadn’t driven into a ditch! We decided to forgo the lunch, checked Stacy into her room, picked up a few groceries (because you know we girls were gonna eat!) and then headed to the par*tay at Melissa’s.

(I’ll post more posts about the bloggy bash in a bit….)

On Sunday, (l to r) Stacy, Melissa, Connie and Krista drove Heather and I to the airport. It was funny as we were getting near the airport and Melissa asked where she should go and I piped up with directions from the back seat with drop off directions. We all laughed as she said ‘Look at me. Trusting ‘the foreigner’ with directions to my airport!’ Guess that’s my new nickname with this group, ‘the foreigner.’ It works! (On a side note – if any of them try to tell you that I have an accent, take it from me…I’m not the one with the accent, eh?!!)

Flights home were good and I was back at the Buffalo airport before 10pm last night and started home. First stop across the border? Tim Hortons! Oh yah…and did I need it! Tons of laughing, chatting and eating over the weekend!! Sleep? Mmm...not so much! That Tim’s helped get this tired girl home safely last night.


  1. FUN!!!! Thanks for share some of the trip... I AM SURE THERE ID MORE!!!! Do tell and more pictures!!!


  2. Looks like you had a FABULOUS time! I think we have to get some of these gals to head north of the border for a bloggy bash in the great white north?

  3. Miss you!

    Too tired and hungover to write more now.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Tim Hortons eh? That's my girl! Glad you had such a good time and that you're home safe and sound too.


  5. Oh my heavens girl. You are such a shopper.

  6. I am with you - it is NOT US who have the accents!!

    Glad you enjoyed!

  7. Love hearing about the before and after!! And that pic of you guys at the airport is F'ing fantastic (sorry, couldn't resist, only for you). What I find fascinating now when I read you is that I can HEAR your accent in my head!! I love that!


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