Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Surprise...More Lake Louise Pics!

These are the last ones of Lake Louise....I think!

When we arrived late Saturday afternoon, around suppertime, we were feeling adventurous. There was a beautiful walking path that circled the lake. Did we take that? No! Instead we chose a climb and I mean CLIMB to Fairview Lookout. (At least that's what I think it's called.)

This first picture of Sharon was taken as we began the climb. Notice the smile. Notice the relaxed pose. What you can't see and hear is the normal breathing and regular heartbeat. This was our first picture stop....

This second picture was taken a short 15 mins. later but much had changed in that amount of time! Breathing was no longer happening on it's own and required great effort on both our behalves! Our hearts were pounding so fast and so hard I'm sure people within 10' of us could hear them! The second picture stop...otherwise known as I.can't.move.another.step...

This picture appears to be of me gently relaxing against a rock. Don't let it fool you! This rock was holding me up as my heart raced and I gasped for each and every breath that entered my body! The third picture stop...otherwise know as 'Who's idea was this anyway?????' was all worth it!!! Look at that view! And...look how high and far we climbed in 20 mins! Yes, it only took us 20 mins. (including picture/gasping for air breaks) to get from the hotel to the lookout!

Now, you may wonder why it only took us 20 mins. Well, it's like this. As we began our climb up the mountain, other climbers with big smiles on their faces (because they were going down) passed us. It was then that we noticed something. They were carrying things. What were they carrying you ask? BEAR BELLS!!! was suppertime.... We were in the woods.... in bear country... and the only sounds you could hear from us and around us were our gasps for breath, pounding hearts and occasionally cries whines of, 'Are we there yet?' (Yup....that was me in case you couldn't figure it out!)

At the time I didn't realize why Sharon wanted to keep moving with very few stops. We may go to Curves every morning but even Curves doesn't prepare you for a 20 min. climb at a fast pace at 6000feet above sea level! Also, a note that we were both wearing sandals. Can you tell mountain climbing was not on our agenda when we left the hotel in the morning?

Alas, the entire climb was worth it to see such beauty around us! The view...breathtaking...not that we had much breath left to take! We often commented on wanting to seal such pictures as these in our minds to remember when we returned home to Ontario. My memory may not work too well in remembering the details but my camera sure does a good at capturing them!

After enjoying the view for a while it was time to head back down the mountain. It was easier on the heart and lungs as this time the knees did the work.

It was still early evening. We were still in bear country. Still had no bells so we did the next best thing. Our trip down the mountain we were joined with a family with 3 very noisy, fun kids who loved to run, jump, laugh and scream. bears would be coming near us! We were too noisy! Thanks kids!!!


  1. What a totally wonderful trip you had! Your pictures and video are great. Glad that you had a super time. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

    Keep smilin!


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