Monday, July 03, 2006

Peter's Drive-In: Calgary's Answer to Weber's

A trip to Calgary is just not complete without a trip or 2 or....even 3 to Peter's Drive-In! When I found out last December that Sharon and I would be in Calgary in June, I remembered a short time later that Calgary is the home of Peter's and I would have to go there at least once during our stay. If I remember correctly, our very first night at training camp for Venture Teams, we loaded up the vans and headed to Peter's. Mmmmm...mmmmm!

If you like a homemade, thick, delicious, old-fashioned milkshakes, then Peter's is the place for you if you're ever in Calgary! The first of my 2 trips (and believe me, it took restraint to only go twice!) was on a sunny Thursday afternoon at 2:45. Both dive-thru windows were lined up and the end of the line snaked down the street.

I considered going to one of the walk-up windows but for the sake of a trip down memory lane, waited in the drive-thru lane as I remember doing in 1986. The difference was this time I was requesting 1 shake rather than an order of 9 for our van load, which we did back in our VTI days!

The next big decision after which line to get in, was of equal importance. What flavour of shake to choose? With over 30 flavours to choose from and the ability to mix up to 3 of them together, the possibilities are endless! (My friend Bruce who lives in Calgary says when he and the gang go, they try to make the weirdest combos. Last time he chose something like cranberry, marshmallow and root beer. Ewww!) Thinking this might be my only visit this trip (silly me...who was I kidding?!!) I safely chose Chocolate Banana. Yummmmm. There were even bits of real banana in it!

I enjoyed every last drop of that shake and yes, made that embarrassing noise with my straw in the bottom of the cup attempting to drink every last drop!

The second (and final visit this trip...I promise!), was ummmm...the very next day for lunch! This time, trying to get a new perspective on the Peter's experience, I parked the car (in one of their 3 parking lots and headed to a walk-up window. Having time to prepare my meal and flavour choices, plus being the numbers gal I am, I started counting. The entire front of the building is made of glass and I counted no less than 24 people working inside this fairly small building! Also, with the drive-thru lanes once again snaking their way around the block I counted people in the walk-up window lines. There a 4 windows and at any given time the line-up at each window was 15+ people!

Eventually I made my way to the front and placed my order. Having been prepared by my friend Bruce that I wouldn't be able to eat all I ordered I still wanted the full experience so ordered a single hamburger, onion rings and a Cherry shake!

I quickly made my way to one of their many picnic tables and set about enjoying my lunch. Once again, I was not disappointed! The food was great and the milkshake...memorable! Bruce was quite right and I ended up tossing some of my burger and rings but you know that not a drop of that shake went to waste....even though I'm guessing it did go to waist...and hips...and thighs! (Oh well, sometimes a gals just gotta do what a gals just gotta do!)

If you like ice cream and want a treat...Go to Peter's! It's worth the drive to Calgary!

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  1. Cool!!!

    I'm sooo going.....(If I get to Calgary this summer!)

    Can't believe my sister hasn't told me about this place!!


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