Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Girls Night Out

I'm vacationing in northern Ontario (well, more north than my home) this week. Last night Deb, Michelle and I headed into the big town of Huntsville to enjoy a girls night out. Supper was at East Side Mario's and being a person who sticks with something she likes I had their infamous Linguini Chicken Tettrazini. Yummmmm! Enough calories for the entire day but oh so worth it!

Afterwards we went to the show. Now, you have to imagime a long, dark room with theatre seats that were installed some 50+ years ago. Also, I think 50 years ago was the last time they mopped the pop up off the floor! Ewww!!! It's step - stick - pull, repeat. (Such a delightful word picture, isn't it?) The theatre's sound system was also installed way back and seriously made us laugh. There are 2 little speakers at the front of the room and that's it. Most of us have better sound systems in our homes. I guess when you're going to the show in a small town with normally a small population, new movie theatres just aren't a priroity. They're busy in the summer on rainy days but in the winter can be fairly quiet.

We went to see 'The Devil Wears Prada.' It was ok but in our books not one to rush out and see in the theatre. Waiting for the DVD will be just fine. Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway were both great but the storyline - just ok. Has anyone else seen it? What did you think?

I'd also like to see, 'The Boat House.' Has anyone seen that? Without giving anything away, would you recommend going to see it?

Today's another rainy day so will be a quiet one at the cottage, curled up with a good book, a pillow and blanket. Yup...a nap might be in order and that sounds wonderful!

PS - Last night I was just glad to find my friends in the dark theatre. Last year, when I left to get popcorn (because I have to have popcorn!) they pulled a fast one on me and moved seats. Sure enough I plopped myself down beside total strangers before realizing my mistake! Took me a bit to find them...their stifled laughter gave them away!) One point for the friends!


  1. Ahhh sounds like your enjoying your vacation. I love the the way you described the sticky pop...I could just see you trying to walk through the isles carring yout popcron & drink and trying to pull your shoes from the floor...lol
    Maybe I'll send you the sun that is here in SASK...we have had sun forever...everyday is +32...ENJOY!!!

  2. So happy to hear that you are having a nice time away!!

    Your friends sound wonderful too!!

    Keep enjoying the rest of the week!!



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