Friday, July 14, 2006

Preparing for China?

This weekend is predicted to be hot and sticky! Reaching temps in the 30oC's (high 90oF's) for the next 4 days and over 40 (110+) when you add in the humidex, I figure it's great preparation for China! That being said, AC is more prevelant here so as I sit here typing this, the only reminder of the heat outside is the radio playing beside me mentioning the heat and my memories of walking outside at lunch. It was hot, but not unbearable. Some days it's hard to breathe with the heat and humidity but I don't think we've had any of those scorcher days yet this summer.

This weekend I also can't complain because as soon as 5:00 hits today I'm heading north to visit my parents at a cottage then rent for a few weeks each summer. It's located on Mary Lake at Muskoka Baptist Conferene Centre (MBC)where you may remember me talking about the ladies conferences that were held in June. The cottage they rent is a beautiful little place, just feet from the lake. I'll share pictures next week.

I'll be with Mom and Dad until Sunday afternoon then going to another location on the grounds and staying with my friend Sharon at her trailer until early Tuesday morning. We try to make the most of our time at MBC so it's worth the 6AM drive on Tuesday to make it to work on time! The speaker this coming week is Rev. David Epstein who is a pastor in New York City. His church is just blocks from where the World Trade Centers were and he shares of the ministry opportunities he and his church had during the days of 9-11. He's also the brother of Kathy Lee Gifford but so far she hasn't shown up at MBC with him. Oh well, it's fun to hear stories of his family and be able to put faces to names.

I'm looking forward to a wonderful weekend of rest, relaxation, reading, family and filling from the Word of God!


  1. Wow!! Sounds like a very fun/relaxing and HOT weekend ahead for you!!!

    I sooo wish I lived closer to you when I hear you chat about all these conferences! Good for you for keeping so active in all of it!!

    Praying for your great weekend!


  2. Have a great weekend Catherine. I'll be at the lake too!!! These last 2 weeks have been VERY HOT, so my gas bill has gone way soon as I'm done work I head to the lake (20 min drive) and then come back home to go to bed. Next day do the the trips to the lake daily are adding up, but is well worth it!!
    Weekends I do stay over, so that helps a bit!!!
    Have a great time & think of me when your sitting in the lawn chair looking at the water....I'll do the same and post a picture next week....

  3. I was thinking you might be at Parliament Hill this weekend for the CRY, if you didn't hear about it check out my last post and watch it on the HILL CAM I think you will love it! 10,0000 Youth are Praying for our Nation and their generation all day Saturday.
    Thought you might enjoy!


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