Monday, July 03, 2006

Rain - Day 8 (My First Attempt at a Video Link!)

Since returning from our time in Calgary, Sharon and I have taken a lot of ribbing about our trip and the amount of rain that fell. You can tell from this video how hard the rain fell and why it often caused localized flodding. Kinda remineded me of being in the Philippines and India during their rainy seasons.

A 'friend' (and I use the term loosly David :o) asked me yesterday when my next vacation was planned to ensure that he was at work and that his family wasn't on vacation at the same time I was. They'll wait to go on vacation when I'm at work so that they'll have sunnier weather. Humph!

Just to show you that the rain was very localized (i.e. only above our car it seems!) here's a little video we took. Notice you can't see any darkness in front of us, only blue sky! That's what it was like most of the 11 days that it rained. Above us but not around us! I thought maybe it was a mountain thing but was told, 'No, we've never experienced this before!' Yup....that doesn't surprise me! Never a dull moment when I'm around!

(The link is working now. Please click the arrow twice.)


  1. When I try to pull up the video I get a message that it's a private video and can't see it.

  2. when you figure it out let us Konow! I was thinking of doing it but I'll wait til someone perfects it! LOL Good Luck!

  3. we need some of that rain up here right now!!!!

    VERY very dry weather is threatening our forests!!


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