Sunday, July 23, 2006

4 Month LID Anniversary!

Phew! That was a quick month! When I think back to celebrating my 3 month LID anniversary while in Calgary it seems like just yesterday yet here we are, one month further along in the wait for precious Hannah.

I often wonder if I'm going to drive my friends crazy during this wait with my incesant talk of her but, if they knew how many times I stopped myself from mentioning her...for the 100th time that day!...then they'd be happy! Honestly, if I go more than 5 minutes while at work without thinking about her it's rare! Guess it's that much of my time is spent at my desk. It's quiet and I sit, plugging away at my computer and trying to figure out what needs to be done next. Quiet = thoughts of Hannah.

On June 1st I began to work in a new area alongwith keeping up some of my former work assignments. I am thoroughly enjoying the new job and the many challenges it entails. From 2003 - 2005 I took a number of Business Analyst courses in Toronto. Now, I'm happy to have the opportunity to put much of my book knowledge into practice. That being said, much of what I learned is now obsolete but I guess that's the way things go when you're in the IT field. The way something is done and how it is accomplished is constantly changing, but I like that. I like feeling challenged at work yet at the same time, not so challenged that I can't leave work at work. Most times I'm able to do that and so I'm thankful!

So, it's 4 months down and ??? left. Still handling the wait fairly well...most times. You'll often find me walking through the baby sections of local stores, touching clothes and dreaming of my daughter. Window shopping is ok and much easier on the wallet.

I'm taking advantage of this time and putting aside extra mortgage payments to help out during mat leave. So far it's 3 months of payments in the bank and working on #4. I'm pleased with this. Also plugging away at the portion of the line of credit I've used so far. So the wait is good. Hard because I would love to hold my daughter in my arms now, but good because I'm able to be wise with my finances and begin to pay back some of which has been borrowed.

So, let's celebrate! I'm 4 months closer to my baby girl and that's reason to celebrate! Chocolate for everyone!!!


  1. Congrats on the anniversary! Hopefully the rest of the wait will just fly by until you have Hannah in your arms.

    (I don't know if you remember me but we met quite a few months ago at Sofi's seminar--but if you do, my husband and I just got our Ministry approval this Friday!)

  2. I so admire how well you are handling the wait so far. I'm sure like all of us who have gone through this, you have some down times. But your positive attitude is truly inspiring.

    I know it's a cliche, but the wait will mean nothing once you have your beautiful little girl in your's the truth!

  3. YEAH!! So happy I made it home in time to celebrate #4 with you!!!!

    I hear ya about the wait being good (kinda good!lol) for the financial part of the adoption! Every month, it's Annaliese we think about!!

    Keep your amazing Faith and trust in Him to bring your daughter home soon!!

  4. Happy 4 Months!

    You and I being so close together in LID dates, I always smile when your monthly anniversary rolls around 'cause ours is not far behind!

    Yeah for us! We survived the first 4...only 8 more to go??? God willing!!!

    Keep smilin!

    P.S. Just in case you did not know, I switched to Blogger so now I am part of the "gang"!


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